To List the Impossible List: Orlando's 10Best Asian

We don’t mean to be dramatic, but it really is that difficult. Orlando’s Asian offerings are many. Like, many. You could start perhaps, with Vietnamese – as one of the things that makes the City Beautiful beautiful is its large Vietnamese population…which makes choosing a favorite Vietnamese joint a process in itself (note to editors: a 10Best Vietnamese list could be in order!) Two such goodies on this list: Saigon Noodle and Pho 88 are well known and loved, but certainly not the only game in town for pho and beyond. This list is Asian, though, which covers a vast swath of culinary goodness. Case in point: Tamarind’s Indian goodness, Thai Purple Orchid’s well priced and authentic offerings or Mamak Asian Street Food’s mouthwatering menu which starts with Malaysian, but runs its delicious tendrils into the likes of India, Korea and more. And speaking of Korean, Mills 50’s Korea House brings a whole new level of Y-U-M to the idea of D-I-Y.

You don't have to go all-you-can-eat at Korea House, but it's particularly fun if you're new to Korean barbecue and want to sample the vast variety available. Thin cuts to thick, you'll have a blast grilling your own meats. Be sure to ask...  Read More

Mills 50

A fixture in the ground-zero area of Mills50 for more than a decade now, Pho 88 is family-run with a truly vast menu of Vietnamese dishes from appetizers to sizzling entrees to the brothy-delicious delicacy for which it is named: pho. Don't know...  Read More

Sophisticated, spicy and authentic are words you'll often hear associated with Chuan Lu Yuan, a Mills 50-outpost that operates as part of the larger Ginza steakhouse. We'd add colorful, flavorful, aromatic and delicious, though it's likely all...  Read More

Lots of restaurants say they've got a family vibe but the mother-daughter proprietresses at Thai Purple Orchid Cafe, a modest little gem in an aging Colonial Drive strip center, serve it up with just the right amount of eastern spice. Sonia (a...  Read More

Mills 50

For authentic Chinese dine-in or delivery, you won't go wrong with Tasty Wok. A long standing favorite in Colonialtown North (the Mills 50 neighborhood is a hotbed of so many Vietnamese gems that other Asian delights are often under-reported)...  Read More

Not all of Winter Park's great restaurants are ensconced in tony digs. Many are hiding in plain sight. That's the case with Tamarind, where great South and North Indian cuisine surmounted the obstacles of strip-mall obscurity to become a local...  Read More

Mills 50

Bao. Fun to say. Fun to eat. And at King Bao, a Mills 50 purveyor of this trendy, if ancient, Asian steamed bun delicacy, cheap. King Bao's fluffy, doughy handhelds are beyond reasonable – $7 for a two-bao combo, $9 for three – and stuff loads...  Read More

It's hard to call Sapporo "fast food" Japanese. Fast it is, but somehow it seems wrong to lump an eatery with rich, flavorful food � big nod to its brothy ramens � in with a genre that includes $1 menu drive-through burgers....  Read More

Just about every Orlando local has a favorite spot for Vietnamese and competition among eateries is stiff, particularly in the Mills 50/Colonialtown neighborhood where the concentration of Vietnamese restaurants " and other businesses " is...  Read More

It's air-conditioned confines may be miles away from the sultry Southeast Asian climes in which one would enjoy the layered flavors of the Malaysian food stalls for which it is named, but Mamak Asian Street Food's plates " small and large "...  Read More


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