Orlando's Talked-About Tables: Green Eating, Succulent Seafood, Tasty Handhelds & More

Maybe you're a celebrity chef stalker, a street-food aficionado or a player looking for a great, new place for schmoozing clients. You'll find options that suit all these predilections and more on this 2017 list of tables to try in Orlando. Seafood offerings abound, and Southern-infused ones, too. Chef Norman Van Aken's new 1921 gives fans of Florida fare a whole new destination to seek out when the head to Mount Dora to taste his latest. Closer to the city center, Reel Fish Coastal Kitchen + Bar is serving up fish-camp-style fare in newly renovated digs on Orange Avenue. Got a taste for cheap, good and handheld? You can hit up King Bao in Mills 50 or stick around Winter Park to taste Hunger Street Tacos' array of Mexican street fare. And those of you looking to put seriously quality gas in your tank will want to visit both Create Your Nature and The Sanctum, where clean, healthy eating take center stage. 

This striking, contemporary eatery is yet another indicator that Orlando's Lake Nona neighborhood is on the rise (if the medical school and 14,000 "new homes starting at...." signs aren't enough). Chroma will serve the growing community well as...  Read More

Who invented "Florida cuisine?" We're not sure if the first person to smoke mullet and smear it on a cracker graduated from culinary school, but we do know that if a name jumps out for having raised the bar (and this is NOT to underplay the...  Read More

Audubon Park

Ramen and all its wonderful food-critic-y adjectives: buttery, salty, noodly (well, of COURSE it's noodly!) â€" is all the rage these days. Orlando, where the weather is less soup-friendly, has not been impervious to the trend (we've had...  Read More

Clean eaters, you have another outpost to call home in Orlando. Create Your Nature is a breakfast-and-lunch venue, loaded down with so many of the fruit-and-veggie-kingdom's rainbow of colors we're sure you could get in a couple days' worth of...  Read More

If the stunning mural on the side of the building is any indicator (and it is) Hunger Street Tacos are an artful addition to the city's vibrant dining scene â€" and a mercifully inexpensive one. Sidle up to their petite venue and sample Mexican...  Read More

Disney Springs ®

Disneyphiles will remember Paddlefish from its time as the Empress Lily and in 2017, its smokestacks and iconic paddlewheel returned as the floating Downtown Disney eatery most recently known as Fulton's Crab House was sumptuously reavmped into...  Read More


Bao. Fun to say. Fun to eat. And at King Bao, a Mills 50 purveyor of this trendy, if ancient, Asian steamed bun delicacy, cheap. King Bao's fluffy, doughy handhelds are beyond reasonable – $7 for a two-bao combo, $9 for three – and stuff loads...  Read More

The Sanctum really does feel a little sacred in the way they do things; its beautiful plant-based plates are colorful and fresh and alluring. And while there are loads of options for the vegan members of the populace, this place isn't that...  Read More

This is Southern fish-camp cookin'. A bit fancied up, to be sure, plated to perfection, but solid, succulent seafood that tastes somehow traditional, whether your grandpa's fishing trips culminated in Low Country boils spilled out on a hastily...  Read More

Maestro Cucina Napoletana & Pizza

Blistery-crisp crust is the mark of a super-hot Neopolitan pizza oven and that's what you'll get at Maestro Cucina, whether you go with something traditional, like a Margherita or opt for a creamier, cheesier Montanara, with ricotta, buffalo...  Read More


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