Nutrish & Delish! Hit Up Some of Orlando's Healthiest Venues

Sure, we do a bit of junk-food worship here in the states. And Orlando, being the undisputed king-destination of family vacationing has more than a few burger joints and soft serve stands, but that’s hardly all that’s here. Right alongside the city’s massive uptick in creative, independent restaurants and fine-dining venues, there's been a steady increase in restaurants where healthful ingredients take center stage. Orlando now has 100 percent vegan venues and vegetarian favorites (even meat-eaters dine there!). It has restaurants that meld meat- and plant-based dishes, but with good, nutritive eating in mind. Veg-heads on the fly (along with those who enjoy a nice turkey wrap) can grab and go at the Green Day Café and those looking for a fun, casual all-vegan experience might want to give Market on South a try. Serving a creative array of small plates – some more decadent than others – among other dishes, allows mixed-interest diners to enjoy their preference or sample either. A daily happy hour makes many of them available at a more palatable price point and the spacious modern venue works for a date night or a business lunch.

Audubon Park

Ready to dive head-first into the joys of raw food? How about a taste of fresh-from-the-tap kombucha – an effervescent fermented tea (reportedly with all kinds of health benefits)? Whether you're all-in for the raw-foodie experience or prefer...  Read More

Super Veggie, Holy Guacamole and the Big Tahuna are just some of the fun salads (make it a wrap, regular or gluten-free, it's your choice!) available at the Green Day Café, a healthy fast-food franchise with an outpost in North Orlando. Vegans...  Read More


Orlando is rife with outstanding options for Vietnamese food and so it's not surprising we've got one that caters exclusively to vegans! This isn't to say that meat eaters can't find a host of delicious options from which to choose. Rice- and...  Read More

Vegetarians and vegans will find much to crow about with their morning, afternoon or evening tea at Infusion Tea, a College Park favorite. Its menu runs the gamut – from rich burrito breakfasts to crisp, fresh salads, tea-sandwich snacks to...  Read More

This neighborhood stop in Audubon Park, known by many its many proponents more simply as "B3," was borne of a love of cycling – along with that of good food and community. It's part coffee shop and cafe, part beer and wine bar, a cozy little...  Read More

Ethos Vegan Kitchen
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There aren't many restaurants anywhere that can claim a 100 percent vegan menu, let alone in Orlando, but Ethos has been carrying the plant-based diet torch here in town since 2007. After several years building a devoted following, Ethos moved...  Read More

Clean eaters, you have another outpost to call home in Orlando. Create Your Nature is a breakfast-and-lunch venue, loaded down with so many of the fruit-and-veggie-kingdom's rainbow of colors we're sure you could get in a couple days' worth of...  Read More

The Sanctum really does feel a little sacred in the way they do things; its beautiful plant-based plates are colorful and fresh and alluring. And while there are loads of options for the vegan members of the populace, this place isn't that...  Read More

The dandelion, an edible flower that we're quick to call a weed, is a mascot of sorts for this quirky organic teahouse. You'll first be reminded of the café's namesake when you view the exterior (bright green with yellow shutters) and then...  Read More

There's absolutely no denying that the all-vegan, all-the-time fare at Market on South is decidedly healthy, from their phenomenal use of the versatile jackfruit in everything from tacos to sloppy joes to the delicious T.L.T. sandwich (where...  Read More


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