Best Palm Beach / West Palm Beach, FL Restaurants

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    10. Meat Market

    Meat Market is a steakhouse and seafood joint, self-described as "more glamorous and sexier" than the traditional restaurant in this space. Meat Market originally started as a Miami restaurant, but have since opened...

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    8. Morton's, The Steakhouse

    Tuxedo-clad waiters set the tone for a Midwest classic that's staked a claim on the Atlantic coast. Known for tableside presentations (yes, that's a live lobster on the cart), this steakhouse is famous for its...

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    6. Avocado Grill

    Avocado Grill is one of the newest restaurants in all of West Palm Beach. This self proclaimed "foodie paradise" offers up a unique blend of small plates, seasonal fare, a raw bar, great wines and specialty...

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    5. Café Chardonnay

    Lauded for its incredible cuisine, terrific service and outstanding wine list, Chardonnay proffers great food in a contemporary space. Amid vibrant artwork and floral compositions, guests take in the kitchen's latest...

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    4. Café L'Europe

    A constant outpouring of accolades renders this spectacular restaurant one of Palm Beach's best known establishments. A romantic ambience is set with arched windows, mirrors and candlelight, and glorious flower...

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    2. Chez Jean-Pierre

    Although it entertains Palm Beach's elite, this fashionable eatery is refreshingly without pretense. Its cozy rooms and imaginative artwork grant patrons license to relax and enjoy the ambiance and the food rather...

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    1. Cafe Boulud

    Housed in the Brazilian Court Hotel, this beautiful yellow dining room is outfitted with large windows, upholstered coral chairs and an irresistible patio. Before dinner, enjoy a cocktail in the comfortably furnished...

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About Palm Beach / West Palm Beach, FL Restaurants

Florida's Palm Beach/West Palm Beach area isn't necessarily thought of as a foodie mecca, but maybe it should be. The area has some amazing restaurants, with seafood joints surely taking the cake. The abundance of delicious ocean bounty makes finding a good mahi sandwich or fish tacos an easy chore. There are great fine dining options along Palm Beach, and in the nightlife centers of West Palm. In City Place and on Clematis Street, there are upwards of 30 different spots you could try for a meal. Mexican, Greek, Italian and of course, seafood are the main specialties of the area. Most everything is in walking distance, so if your first choice is too crowded, or a certain smell catches your attention, you can change your dining destination on a dime. 

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