Best Places to Indulge in Grub from the Sea

Kristopher Neild

By , Local Expert, Palm Beach / West Palm Beach
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Coming to vacation in Palm Beach/West Palm Beach, you undoubtedly know the ocean rests due east. The bounty the great sea provides ends up on plates in a vast number of restaurants all across the coast. Without doing your due diligence, you could end up at a ho-hum place that serves "okay" seafood - but is that really what you want when you are on vacation?

Seafood joints come in all shapes and sizes. Some are dives. Others are nestled inside world class resorts. The key to picking a place comes down to two main selectors; quality and atmosphere. 

Driving by a place like Schooner's, you could easily write it off as a...  Read more »

  • 1

    Spoto's Oyster Bar

    Spoto's Oyster Bar is THE spot for oysters in the Palm Beach vicinity

    Local Expert Tip: "Complimentary salmon dip with pita chips right out of the gate"

  • 2


    • Cuisine: Seafood
    • Neighborhood: Jupiter

    Schooner's is that hole in the wall, seafood shack-type of restaurant where you just know everything is going to be scrumptious.

    Local Expert Tip: "Though it may look it at first glance - Schooner's is neither a gas station nor seafood market."

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    Old Key Lime House

    The Old Key Lime House is a great place to chug suds, watch sports and slurp clams.

    Local Expert Tip: "A seafood/watering hole mecca for people who like to experience The Keys outside of The Keys"

  • 4

    Charley's Crab - Palm Beach

    Charley's Crab has Palm Beach-esque service with less pretentiousness and fair prices.

    Local Expert Tip: "Stick to shellfish here, and don't feel bad about asking for more jalapeno bread"

  • 5

    Capt. Charlie's Reef Grill

    Capt. Charlie's Reef Grill is a divine seafood joint with uniquely prepared fish and delicious, filling appetizers.

    Local Expert Tip: "It looks dive-y, but everything is super fresh - and there is a great value wine selection"

  • 6

    Bimini Twist

    Bimini Twist is great because they accept reservations, and never run out of king crab legs.

    Local Expert Tip: "Hog snapper - sounds interesting, tastes even better"

  • 7


    PBCatch is an upscale seafood restaurant with top notch service.

    Local Expert Tip: "The aura of the place is amazing - it feels like you are eating on a giant boat"

  • 8

    Jove Kitchen & Bar

    Jove Kitchen & Bar has a pumpkin swordfish entree that is unlike anything you've ever had.

    Local Expert Tip: "Jove is Italian in nature, and their fish dishes are truly impeccable"

  • 9

    Tiki Waterfront Sea Grill

    Tiki Waterfront Sea Grill is an unassuming tiki hut beach joint that serves spectacular seafood dishes.

    Local Expert Tip: "Stop by during the evenings for great live music"

  • 10

    Nick and Johnnie's

    Nick and Johnnie's allows patrons to enjoy seafood under the stars (they have a retractable roof).

    Local Expert Tip: "Look into the shot surfboard "



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