• 1

    Frog Pond

    Laid-back and fun, this whimsical restaurant pays due homage to its name with a decor of amphibian-themed...  Read more »

  • 2

    Skidder's Restaurant

    Known for its hospitality and many capable menu items, Skidder's has earned a familiar place as a...  Read more »

  • 3

    Lenny's Restaurant

    • Cuisine: American, Deli
    • Average Main Course Price: $7.95
    • Neighborhood: Clearwater

    This decades-old establishment is a Clearwater mainstay for breakfast, and many folks regularly come in for...  Read more »

  • 4

    Skyway Jack's

    • Cuisine: American, Diner
    • Average Main Course Price: $5
    • Neighborhood: St. Petersburg

    The giant rooster that keeps vigil at Jack's entrance provides ample indication that this isn't your...  Read more »

  • 5


    • Cuisine: American
    • Average Main Course Price: $7
    • Neighborhood: Dunedin

    Casual and offbeat, this welcoming restaurant serves delicious food all day within its beachy environs....  Read more »

  • 6

    First Watch

    • Cuisine: American
    • Average Main Course Price: $8
    • Neighborhood: Clearwater

    Focusing on morning and midday meals, this pleasant eatery does well what it knows best. As local folks...  Read more »

  • 7

    Rusty's Bistro

    Although the restaurant's architecture doesn't allow views of Sand Key Park next door, knowing that the...  Read more »



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