No longer limited to Ybor, great dancing can be experienced throughout the area

Scott Sterling

By , Local Expert, Tampa
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When Ybor City reinvented itself in the 90's, it primarily became known for its nightlife, particularly its dance clubs. Everyone looking to party in Tampa, from professionals to college kids from USF and UTampa, went to Ybor on weekend nights. That scene still exists, even though the clubs might have changed hands, changed genres, or changed buildings. Club Prana, Club Skye, the Amphitheater, and the Castle are still keeping Ybor busy with the beautiful people.

However, there is also a blossoming market for dancing in other areas of town. Downtown is slowly bringing nightlife back with places like Jackson's and The Royale....  Read more »

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    Push Ultra Lounge

    Local Expert Tip: "Push has also been known to host national music acts from time to time. Check their website or the newspaper."

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    Local Expert Tip: "Downtown Tampa's trolley system has a stop that isn't far from Jackson's, so you can safely get there from anywhere downtown."

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    Hyde Park Cafe

    Local Expert Tip: "The "Cafe" is a misnomer; there are burgers and hot dogs available in the Biergarten, but for a more substantial meal you may want to visit one of the other excellent restaurants in the neighborhood."

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    Local Expert Tip: "Shephard's features private VIP booths that overlook the dance floor. It's a great idea if you're organizing a party."

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    Club Skye

    Local Expert Tip: "This is one of the few 18 & up clubs left in Tampa, so the clientele skews a little younger than usual."

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    The Kennedy

    Local Expert Tip: "The second entry on their dress code list is "No Sneakers", which tells you a lot about the atmosphere."

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    Club Prana

    Local Expert Tip: "The exclusive rooftop bar is a great place to have a conversation or just look at the lights of downtown Tampa in the distance."

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    The Castle

    Local Expert Tip: "Because The Castle is so wide-ranging, it's a good idea to check the website to see what you might be getting yourself into."

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    Royale Ultralounge

    Local Expert Tip: "Reflecting the upscale nature of the club, admission is $10 with Royalty status starting at $20."



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