Flea Markets

Oldsmar Flea Market
One of the most spirited spots in the Tampa, Florida area, this cherished flea market's 1,000-plus booths and lively atmosphere draw huge crowds every weekend. Favorite items found amidst the collage of booths include antique clocks, record albums, legal DVDs, obsolete toys, exquisite vintage clothing and accessories, fresh produce and vibrant, healthy plants for home landscaping. Several aisles are air-conditioned, and after intense flea marketing, crispy corn nuggets, funnel cakes and ice-cold beer revitalize visitors. (813-855-5306)

Wagon Wheel Flea Market
With over 1,100 vendors and an average daily attendance of 20,000, this flea market is a Tampa area must. Friendly vendors offer merchandise ranging from knockoff designer sunglasses and decorative birdhouses to aromatic electric oil lamps and an unparalleled selection of vibrant produce. The management also enforces a return policy, a rarity amongst flea markets. Live entertainment, a tram for easy transportation, a jovial beer garden and an international food court complete this extraordinary marketplace. (727-544-5319)

Big Top Flea Market
The biggest and best of all Tampa, Florida flea markets, Big Top is a colorful, festival-like market with over 500 vendors, more than 1,200 booths and the Bay's most intriguing people watching. After energizing at the scrumptious concession stand, venture out into the sea of gardening supplies, eyeglasses, toys, swords, artwork, jewelry, fashion for every style, fresh produce, collectibles and even pets. Make an offer, and make out like a bandit with armloads of treasure. (813-986-4004)

Ybor City Saturday Market
Located in heart of Tampa's historic district, the Ybor City Saturday Market is a popular spot for finding locally produced gifts and specialty items unique to the area. The Market has been operating since 2000 and is the largest continually-running outdoor market in Tampa. Local vendors and artists offer fresh local produce, gourmet foods & sauces, fresh baked breads, prepared foods, herbs & plants, pet treats, honey, fine cigars, unique gifts, photography, artwork, jewelry, woodworking, bath & body products, candles & so much more! After you explore the market, allow time to wander around the neighborhood which is always hopping on a Saturday. ((813) 241-2442)

Red Barn Flea Market
The Red Barn Flea Market is located less than an hour south of Tampa. They boast a daily attendance of 10,000 through their 145,000 square foot facility. It's also large, clean, has air-conditioning, and has a family-friendly appeal. The Market features 650 vendors that sell everything from clothing and collectables, to kitchen supplies and sporting goods. Not a great place for antiques though. There is also a farmer's market stocked with fresh, local produce at bargain prices. After you're done shopping, you can take a break in their food court and enjoy some live entertainment. ((941) 747-3794, 800-274-FLEA(3532))

Webster Westside Flea Market
The Webster Westside Flea Market is for serious bargain hunters and is generally thought to be the best flea market in Florida, if not the entire southeast. People flock from all over the state to search through the overwhelming number of booths and stalls. You can find almost everything here and get a great deal, but be prepared to bargain for it. This Market is known for its antiques. There are all kinds of food to be had as well, from the all-you-can-eat buffet at the cafe, to ice cream made on the spot. Parking will cost you $2. Allow at least 7 hours if you want to attempt to see the whole thing and make sure you wear a good pair of walking shoes. (1-800-832-7396, 1-352-793-9877)

International Market World
International Market World is located about 40 miles east of Tampa, but is well worth the drive. Over 1200 vendors offer great shopping, dining and entertainment options. Shopping bargains can be found with all types of merchandise, tools, crafts, clothing, plants, t-shirts and one-of-a-kind gift ideas. When you're hungry choose from Asian and Hispanic fare, as well as a selection of family favorites such as Pizza, BBQ, Corn-on-the-Cob, Funnel Cakes, and Strawberry Shortcake. Looking for more healthy fare? Try grabbing a fresh Florida orange from one of the produce vendors. The Market also hosts special events and musical entertainment throughout the year. Check their calendar for details. ((863) 665-0062)

Gunn Highway Flea Market
The Gunn Highway Flea Market is a throw-back to the way flea markets used to be. It's smaller than most in the area and has a slower pace. This market specializes in yard sale items, fresh produce, used books, and vintage clothing. If you look hard, you are sure to find something unique and interesting at a bargain price. If you're looking for new items or high-end antiques, this probably isn't the place for you. Other perks of the market include a reasonably priced breakfast and lunch, and free and ample parking. ((813) 920-3181)

Fun-Lan Swap Shop Flea Market
What could be more fun on a warm Floridian afternoon than an outdoor flick followed by flea market browsing? This Tampa highlight, one of the busiest markets in the Bay, is located at the historic Fun-Lan Drive-In Theatre, originally opened in 1950. The swap shop, moved from another drive-in to Fun-Lan in 1981, is a quirky collection of outdoor booths overflowing with gorgeous antiques, one-of-a-kind collectibles, sporting equipment, locally made crafts and beautiful fresh produce. (813-237-0886)

49er Flea Market
Discover the thrill of striking gold at this unusual flea market, only 18 miles from Tampa. Every Saturday and Sunday, over 150 vendors present an astonishing array of unique treasures, from handcrafted furniture and elegant accessories to antique books and baby dolls. Before you begin sifting through the hundreds of items in search of a prize nugget, prepare for your adventure with fresh donuts, buttery flapjacks or juicy burgers and hotdogs at the snack bar. (727-573-3367)

Maps and Directions

Oldsmar Flea Market 10Best List Arrow
Type: Flea Markets
Neighborhood: TAMPA DOWNS
Big Top Flea Market 10Best List Arrow
Type: Flea Markets
Neighborhood: THONOTOSASSA
Ybor City Saturday Market 10Best List Arrow
Type: Farmers Markets, Flea Markets
Neighborhood: Ybor City
Red Barn Flea Market 10Best List Arrow
Type: Farmers Markets, Flea Markets, Markets
Neighborhood: Outside the city
Webster Westside Flea Market 10Best List Arrow
Type: Farmers Markets, Flea Markets, Markets
Neighborhood: Outside the city
International Market World 10Best List Arrow
Type: Farmers Markets, Flea Markets
Neighborhood: Outside the city
Gunn Highway Flea Market 10Best List Arrow
Type: Farmers Markets, Flea Markets, Markets
Neighborhood: Tampa Bay Northwestern Outskirts
Fun-Lan Swap Shop Flea Market 10Best List Arrow
Type: Flea Markets
49er Flea Market 10Best List Arrow
Type: Flea Markets
Neighborhood: ROCKY POINT
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