It's Always Time to Celebrate Romance in The City of Light

Each year Valentine’s Day is a holiday that focuses all of us romantics on the romantic nature of love. But for many Parisians, romance is just a state of mind and one that you can embody every day of the year. This is a city full of the emblems of love. Of course, the notion of romantic love is a relatively recent social concept, springing up first in historical references only in the late 17th c. It is even thought that the origin of the English word “romance” springs from a French vernacular dialect.

To celebrate love & romance in the City of Lights, one needn’t wait for Valentine’s Day, then. Any special occasion or any special moment enjoyed by lovers can be revered as a sort of private Valentine’s moment.  On this list you will find just ten (of the dozens and dozens of possibilities here in Paris) recommendations of how to pay homage to this most noble of human emotions - love. 

The Eiffel Tower of course beckons seductively to all who visit Paris. So to give your visit that extra shot of romantic, start at the Peace Wall (Le Mur Pour la Paix) which stands at the southern end of Champ de Mars and affords a wonderful view onto the Eiffel Tower in the near distance. This wall is dedicated to peace in dozens of languages. Peace and love make for an auspicious beginning to a grand romance.

Newly opened in Paris is Le Grand Musée du Parfum. It is a museum dedicated to the art of perfume and the olfactory senses. For most people, the memory and associations to a loved one are often olfactive. Here at this interactive museum you can test which scents are most akin to your liking and that of your partner, too. Following on this motif of sensory experiences, a duo spa session at Le Spa Les Jardins du Marais is a delicious afternoon getaway that esconces you in a very private courtyard setting, away from any prying eyes. 

A romantic night out is another way to celebrate love. In Paris there are countless ways in which to paint the town red, but one of the most elegant ones is certainly to spend an evening at the Palais Garnier, the Opera de Paris. If you are lucky enough to have one of the small side boxes on the 2nd and 3rd levels, you will feel the cosy intimacy that the aristocrats of history-past alluded to in the great literature of the era.  For an extra special dining experience book yourselves a table for two at Restaurant Mathieu Pacaud -Histoires or at Le Clarence, which is Prince Robert of Luxembourg's new Paris chateau and restaurant. Both are equally, but differently, beguiling and splendid in the ways in which they offer an intimate celebration of romance. 

8ème Arrondissement

This newly opened (December 2016) museum in Paris is devoted fully to the art of perfume. It is a private museum funded partially with state funds and partially by private investors. Perfume is as integral to French culture as couture, fine wine...  Read More

7th Arondissement - Eiffel Tower

Sometimes keeping the peace has a lot to do with love. And love is something Paris knows a fair bit about. So when it erected this wall of peace on the Champ de Mars,it was decided to inscribe it with the word 'peace' written in 49 different...  Read More

18th Arrondissement - Montmartre

Strolling ancient cobble-stone streets atop the little village of Montmartre is just another one of the romantic ways Paris lets you celebrate your love. This area and the alleyway streets surrounding it are often filled with artists looking to...  Read More

7th Arondissement - Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower
Photo courtesy of Paige Donner

Boasting an impressive resumé that includes being one of the tallest buildings in the world and a design that was lauded when it was built for the 1889 Exposition Universelle - a festival to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the French...  Read More

11ème Arrondissement

As has often been noted, Paris is a treasure trove of secret gardens and hidden gems. Le Spa on this property is most certainly one of those hidden sensory pleasure treasures. Upon entering the hotel, you will discover this hidden oasis in the...  Read More

7ème Arrondissement

This museum, set in the Hotel Biron, is a tribute to one of the world's finest sculptors. Thanks to Rodin's own donations, the facility offers a wealth of objects, including terra cotta, bronze and marble creations. Plaster and wax studies are...  Read More

9th Arrondissement - Grands Boul

What could be more romantic than taking in a ballet or the opera at the Palais Garnier, the ornate and magisterial building that houses the Opera de Paris? This luxurious icon to opera and ballet has been a central point in the Parisian...  Read More

Restaurant Mathieu Pacaud - Histoires
Photo courtesy of Mathieu Pacaud Restaurants

This restaurant, hidden inside another restaurant (Hexagone), is Chef Mathieu Pacaud's 2 Michelin Star gem. It is a fine dining restaurant devoted to the concept of not just excellent food, but dining as a sort of theatrical, entertainment-like...  Read More

6ème Arrondissement

The Pont des Arts, a pedestrian bridge across the Seine, connects the Louvre with the Latin Quarter while offering some of the city's most stunning views. It is also known as the Lover's Bridge since lovers have been coming here for centuries to...  Read More

8ème Arrondissement

This is one of Paris' newest and most elegant restaurants. You may have heard of the Prince Robert of Luxembourg's famous wine estate in Bordeaux, Chateau Haut-Brion? In 2016 he opened these doors to his private mansion in Paris not far from the...  Read More


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