Dance The Night Away At These Posh Paris Clubs

If you're the type that likes to try out a few venues during a night-out, you'll want to check out some of the clubs listed here that are within walking distance of one another. Taxis can often be hard to find late at night in the city and the Métro stops running between from about 1am to 5am. The areas around the Champs-Elysées has clubs within close proximity of each other. For an exclusive grouping, you can check out Queen and Matignon, then head around the corner to Chez Raspoutine and once finished there walk the 10 minutes up the "most beautiful avenue in the world," toward the Arc de Triomphe where you'll find L'Arc, designed by none other than Lenny Kravitz, nestled on a side street. Many Parisiennes (that's the feminine version of the word) bring a pair of flats with them as they make their clubbing rounds. And, of course, you can always hop on a Velib' after your night out to get back home if the Métro isn't running yet.

Top DJs get the energy moving, and your fellow clubbers ensure that there's plenty to see along the way. To follow the beautiful people, give Wanderlust a try or check out Le Montana. Either way, 10Best will make sure you know the best places to dance in Paris.

8ème Arrondissement
Queen Club
Photo courtesy of Queen Club Paris

This Champs-Elysées fixture has been forever on the Champs but it recently moved to a side street, just around the corner in fact from Fouquet's. If you've heard of any nightclub in Paris it's probably this one. This club has been going strong...  Read More

16ème Arrondissement
L'Arc Paris
Photo courtesy of L'Arc Paris

With a fairly recent re-do this iconic nightclub and preferred celebrity and international jetset watering-hole-when-in-Paris sports a marble dance floor. Its location at the top of the Champs-Elysées makes it an easy access for a night out on...  Read More

8ème Arrondissement
Photo courtesy of Matignon

Crowned as one of the more elite of the VIP clubs in Paris, this basement dance club plays hide and seek underneath the famous café-restaurant that is upstairs on the ground floor. The design trend in Paris today is a reincarnation of the 60s...  Read More

8ème Arrondissement
Titty Twister
Photo courtesy of Photo courtesy Twitty Twister Paris

The décor here at this originally-named bar, one of the newer in the capital, is a scene straight out of From Dusk 'Til Dawn, the movie by Quentin Tarantino. The French have an ongoing infatuation with all things Tarantino and this happening...  Read More

Photo courtesy of Cite de la Mode et du Design Paris

A newer spot that anchors the Left Bank, Wanderlust is the expansive terrace bar and club that perches atop the Cit� de la Mode et du Design. It's worth finding your way over to this Quai d'Austerlitz complex that houses a fashion museum,...  Read More

9ème Arrondissement
Bus Palladium
Photo courtesy of 10BEST Photo by Paige Donner copyright 2014

This trendy dance club in the heart of Pigalle spins to a range of musical styles (disco, rap, R&B, soul, funk). It's a great place to people-watch. This area has become known as SoPi or South Pigalle and is now nearly too trendy for the...  Read More

8ème Arrondissement

To say that Crazy Horse is like any other Las Vegas review is just not doing it justice. These dancers, this choreography and the supremely innovative lighting that accompanies each act serve to transport you to a sort of world removed far far...  Read More

Chez Raspoutine
Photo courtesy of Raspoutine Paris copyright

The feeling here is something akin to a Russian noble's hunting lodge, with its plush red upholstery, chandeliers and exposed wood beams. Once inside, you completely forget that you're just off the Champs-Elysees. Club's decor is listed on the...  Read More

6th Arrondissement - Rive Gauche
Le Montana
Photo courtesy of Le Montana

This club and bar is located on a small St. Germain-des-Prés street and happens to be right next to Café Flore. Hence, it's one of those clubs hidden in plain sight. It has the reputation of being ultra-exclusive and for the most part lives up...  Read More

17ème Arrondissement
Palais Maillot
Photo courtesy of Palais Maillot

In France they have their After Works, what we might call our Happy Hour. But some of these After Works last all night long - Ooh la la! At this luxurious and roomy club near Porte Maillot, their legendary After Works, usually on Thursdays,...  Read More


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