Montorgueil Is The Food Lovers' Haven In Paris

It's true that Paris has many neighborhoods richly endowed with food lovers' fare. But there is something about the compactness and accessibility of Montorgueil, the little neighborhood just to the North of Les Halles, that has long earned it its reputation as the foodie haven of Paris, France. 

From the restaurant, L'Escargot, recognizable by its huge golden snail, “escargot” in French, that graces its entryway, to the oldest patisserie in Paris, Stohrer, dating from 1730, also found here along this lovely little pedestrian street, you will have many delicious reasons to explore this area. A restaurant that will delight you with its bistronomy fare is Le Pas Sage located in the gorgeously old-world covered passage of Le Grand Cerf.

The cobble-stoned street of rue Montorgueil stretches from the St. Eustache church, crosses rue Etienne Marcel, and continues on for another couple of blocks. The far reaches of the area are rue d'Aboukir where you'll find Frenchie's Bar à Vin just on the outside border of what is considered Montorgueil. The walking street is also dotted with all kinds of ethnic eateries, from Thai fast food to pizza to falafel takeaway.

This area is also known as being highly affordable and many of the places here are casual. This area is not necessarily the place to come to for a fancy restaurant dinner night out, but rather a good place to come with friends or your significant other when you just want a good meal and not too much fuss.

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