Paris Restaurants for a Gourmet Appetite and Reasonable Budget

The top options for gourmet tastes and reasonable budgets in Paris are here on this list. Note that Table Restaurant, by Chef Bruno Verjus, is listed at number one because masterful preparation aside, this high of quality fresh products and raw ingredients will cost you just as much if you buy them at the market yourself, let alone have them prepared so beautifully for you.  For those looking for a bit of an ethnic experience in Paris, both Marclee, which offers Asian-fusion cuisine and Le 1K which has mainly Peruvian dishes on its menu with some Asian twists, are unique dining values.

More dining value for your money can be had at both Pinxo and the new Marais addition, Grand Coeur. At Pinxo, a Chef Alain Dutournier restaurant, you get the chance to sample from this famous chef's repertoire in a relaxed setting and with dishes native to his southwestern France origins. Another famous executive chef, Mauro Colagreco, has designated his trusted second from Mirazur to run the kitchens at Grand Coeur, literally tucked in the heart of the Marais in an old cobblestoned courtyard.

And for those who are really worried about getting their money's worth at mealtime, a French phrase you will want to learn and keep your eye out for is à volonté, which means “all you can eat.”

11th Arondissement - Bastille Ca
Photo courtesy of Obermamma

Come here when you're looking for a fun night out accompanied by excellent, authentic Italian trattoria food. Even though the French never eat dinner before 8, a crowd is already gathering by 7 p.m. - most likely because of the delicious smells...  Read More

3rd Arondissement - Marais
La Terrasse des Archives
Photo courtesy of Paige Donner copyright 2015

On a lovely tree-shaded corner just across the street from the side entrance to Les Archives, the national archives, sits this lovely local's caf�nd restaurant. The fancy isn't in the food but in the setting and there's really nowhere...  Read More

11ème Arrondissement
Le 1K
Photo courtesy of Le 1K

In a city where just about every ethnic cuisine can be found, there is also now a trendy, upscale restaurant honoring Peruvian and Andean cuisine. Not far from Bastille and République, the midnight blue velvet booth seating with its backdrop of...  Read More

9ème Arrondissement

A young duo, Marky and Léo, got together a year or so ago and opened up this Asian fusion restaurant. The district is a hopping one, just off rue Richer, which is laden with popular eateries. A tiny restaurant with bar stools for seating and...  Read More

8ème Arrondissement
Buddha Bar Hotel Brunch
Photo courtesy of Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris

Brunch in the city has become a hugely popular affair. It is as much a Parisian weekend ritual now as having a glass of wine with your meal. Leave it to the ultra-hip and trendy Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris to create Sunday brunch that is cooler,...  Read More

1er Arrondissement

Established first in 1832 in the Les Halles quarter, this restaurant has stood at the very same location since 1879 where it is still today. It has witnessed the Belle Epoque, the Roaring 20s, two wars and all the decades since while dishing up...  Read More

4ème Arrondissement

The brainchild of a motley group of young, ambitious Parisian entrepreneurs whose signature is thinking out-of-the-box, Les Pinces (translation: lobster pincers) is a runaway hit after opening less than a year ago in the quintessentially cute...  Read More

4ème Arrondissement
Grand Coeur
Photo courtesy of Grand Coeur

When stepping into this inner courtyard in Le Marais, Paris' "SoHo" district, your attention is instantly gripped by two things: the resounding sound of dancers practicing their jazz/ballet/modern dance steps echoing from the second floor...  Read More

1er Arrondissement
Photo courtesy of Pinxo Tuileries

This is one of Chef Alain Dutournier's restaurants. To put that into perspective, Chef Dutournier was one of François Mitterrand's preferred chefs (his gastronomic restaurant is the Carré des Feuillants). This restaurant is his authentic...  Read More

12ème Arrondissement

Many lay claim to creating a Chef's Table, but few achieve it. Here at Table, one of the city's best restaurants and the least pretentious, you get the distinct feeling you are eating in Chef Bruno Verjus' very own home kitchen. When this...  Read More


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