Classic French Paris Restaurants, The Very 10BEST

Paige Donner

By , Local Expert, Paris
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Classic French menus are practically pre-ordained to include the standard fare of onion soup, steak tartare, snails and frogs' legs not to mention duck, rabbit and soufflé. Although these selections can vary according to the region that the classic French restaurant represents. If it’s Burgundian cuisine, you can count on the snails, for a taste of Bordeaux, try the duck at Le Petit Bordelais. A menu based around the French culinary capital of Lyon will include fresh game meats, fowl and the always delightful roast chicken.

We tend to romanticize the inclusion of frogs' legs and escargots (snails) on a menu and call it...  Read more »

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    One of the oldest and still one of the best restaurants on this famous Les Halles district market street of rue Montorgueil.

    Local Expert Tip: "The ceilings was painted by Clarin and since it's a registered historical monument, they can't touch it during renovations. "

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    Café du Commerce

    A favorite among French-Parisian families for at least 3 to 4 generations now(since 1921).

    Local Expert Tip: "Order the profiterolles for dessert. You will thank me that you did. "

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    La Tour de Montlhéry - Chez Denise

    The best place in central Paris serving French traditional food until 5 O'clock in the morning.

    Local Expert Tip: "Portions here are big so come with an appetite."

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    Le Soufflé

    • Neighborhood: 1er Arrondissement

    The soufflé is one of those things that the French do so well and the rest of the world seems to just try.

    Local Expert Tip: "Location is altogether too convenient as the restaurant is nestled between Place Vendôme and the Tuileries. "

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    Le Petit Bordelais

    In a neighborhood as picturesque as this rue St. Dominique one is, what luck to have a restaurant so reliably good, reasonable and welcoming.

    Local Expert Tip: "Be sure to try the cannelés, the traditional small pastry from Bordeaux. Here they are served with your coffee and are exquisite : delicately crispy on the outside, soft and sweet on the inside. "

  • 6


    • Cuisine: European, French
    • Average Main Course Price: €70
    • Neighborhood: 2ème Arrondissement

    At this famed restaurant, the Goncourt jury decides who will receive France's top literary prize. Known for...  Read more »

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    Set near the Champs-Elysées, Laurent is still considered "the prettiest restaurant in Paris." It also...  Read more »

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    Aux Lyonnais

    Lyon seems to define French culinary tradition and even if Ducasse offers his own twist on these dishes, they are still classically French.

    Local Expert Tip: "The roast chicken here isn't just any old roast chicken. I think credit goes to the vinegar glaze or possibly the way it's roasted with mushrooms, tomatoes and onions."

  • 9

    Ambassade d'Auvergne

    The French love this place; It's one of those no-brainer choices when you have a taste for traditional French food from the Auvergne region.

    Local Expert Tip: "The upstairs dining room is a bit more relaxed, a bit more welcoming. "

  • 10

    Brasserie Bofinger

    Since its premiere in 1864, this brasserie has cultivated a strong local following. Inside, polished wood,...  Read more »



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