Best Patisseries and Pastry Shops in Paris: Oh, Sweet Heaven

Paige Donner

By , Local Expert, Paris
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There is actually a pastry shop – a patisserie – in Paris that is called La Pâtisserie des Rêves. That translates to Pastry of (Your) Dreams. Quite frankly, that title could be applied to all of these patisseries as each and every one of them will have sugarplum fairies and other fanciful sweet things dancing through your head once you’ve savored a bite of the day’s rationings.

One absolute not-to-be-missed are the French macarons. Until you've tried one you'll have no idea what all the fuss is about. Suffice it to say that they are nothing – and I repeat, nothing – at all like our macaroons (notice, please, too, the...  Read more »

  • 1

    Ladurée - Champs-Elysées

    • Cuisine: European, French
    • Average Main Course Price: €30
    • Neighborhood: 8ème Arrondissement

    The original Ladurée tea salon at 16 Rue Royale was the first Salon de Thé of Paris, a place where ladies could gather in public.

    Local Expert Tip: "When indulging your macaron fix, only go for the best, such as Ladurée macarons. "

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    Pierre Hermé

    • Neighborhood: 6ème Arrondissement

    Pierre Hermé pastries are a Parisian cult.And it appears that it's now overtaking the entire globe.

    Local Expert Tip: "Mark Macaron Day on your calendar (mid-March) and then be sure to visit a Pierre Hermé pastry shop that day -- the macarons are free and all collected donations go to a worthy children's cause. "

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    La Patisserie Cyril Lignac

    Chef Cyril Lignac is trained as a pastry chef and here you can enjoy his imagination, skill and creativity in his and Chef Couvrand's pastries.

    Local Expert Tip: "You know how sometimes things look better than they taste? Not here! Here everything tastes as good as, even better, than it appears."

  • 4

    Pâtisserie Lenôtre

    • Cuisine: Continental
    • Neighborhood: 16ème Arrondissement

    When he passed away in 2009, then French President Sarkozy said, "He succeeded in raising...patisserie to the rank of an art."

    Local Expert Tip: "Signature pastries are the Opéra (chocolate-covered almond cake and coffee cream) ; Succès (almond flavored meringue with almond praline and nougatine) ; and Feuille d'Automne (almond and vanilla perfumed meringue layered with dark chocolate mousse). "

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    La Pâtisserie des Rêves

    Chef Conticini is a Chevalier de l'Ordre national du Mérite since 2004.

    Local Expert Tip: "His Paris-Brest is a reconfiguration of the classic whereby the pastry is a gathering of cream puff pastries formed into a circle ; His Grand Cru vanilla creations are divinely packed with the raw power of a vanilla bean without being overshadowed by too much sugar. "

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    Des Gateaux et du Pain

    • Neighborhood: 7ème Arrondissement

    Claire Damon worked under Pierre Hermé then at Ladurée followed by stints at Le Bristol and Plaza...  Read more »

    Local Expert Tip: "The chef herself leans towards citrus, tart tastes. So anything with lemon in it here is outstanding, though I would recommend her Lipstick Cake, J'adore la fraise and the Cashmere Cake above all others. "

  • 7


    • Neighborhood: 1er Arrondissement

    Angelina is an institution whose hot chocolate and Mont-blancs hold up a corner of the pillars of Paris.

    Local Expert Tip: "It's a good idea to make reservations ahead of time to avoid waiting in the inevitable line out the door. Doubly true for when it's cold, hot-chocolate weather outside. "

  • 8

    L'Eclair de Genie Christophe Adam

    Because someone had to bust the éclair out of its chocolate/ café/ praline confinement.

    Local Expert Tip: "Try their new Craquettes, pieces of almonds enrobed in a soft chocolate and coated with crystalline sugar. Not your everyday chocolate-covered almonds. "

  • 9


    They are the official caterers of the Moulin Rouge. This on top of their Versailles history, places them firmly in the pages of French history.

    Local Expert Tip: "Both this location and the one near the Jardin du Luxembourg offer serene upstairs tea salons in which to sit and enjoy your pastry."

  • 10

    Patisserie Carette Vosges

    • Neighborhood: 3rd Arondissement - Marais

    Even though the service can be a bit lacking, the tradition embodied in having tea and a pastry at Carette's makes up for it.

    Local Expert Tip: "Light salads along with the Carette's array of pastries, of course, are also served in the tea room at both locations. "



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