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Clothing sets the tone for any look, but shoes and accessories provide individual character and punch. They also demonstrate the versatility of good basics; simply changing ballet flats to heels, or a wide belt to a skinny one can completely transform an outfit. You'll find a full slate of options at shops with enviable merchandise like Christian Louboutin or Antik Batik. They're among our top picks for the best shoes and accessories in Paris.

10 Jernard's Pardise
Louis Vuitton, made famous by its exquisite, top-quality luggage, also carries an extensive line of handbags, wallets, and belts. Each accessory carries the famous "LV" symbol of quality and authenticity. The store also offers the Marc Jacobs shoe collection, which is crafted of highest quality leather. In addition, the store sells men's and women's clothing. METRO: Georges V (01 53 57 52 00)

9 Michel Perry
This modern store features boudoir-style decor and whimsical displays that carry Michael Perry's newest collection of sexy shoes and boots. Choose from an amazing selection of heels, or pick out a pair of leather boots or sling-back sandals in bright colors. METRO: Bourse or Sentier (01 42 44 10 07)

8 Sergio Rossi
If you're searching for the sexiest, highest heels around, Sergio Rossi guarantees your prize. The small Saint-Germain boutique carries strappy gold leather shoes with a thin spiked heel, sexy sandals with fur insoles, and ankle boots in bright colors. Sergio Rossi's latest styles are displayed prominently, and the store also carries a small selection of handbags. METRO: Rue du Bac, Saint-Sulpice (01 42 84 07 24)

7 Tod's
Located on Faubourg St.-Honoré, Tod's specializes in top-quality leather shoes and handbags. Tod's is best known for its classic moccasin; recently, a high-heel shoe has been created based on the signature style. Men's and women's shoes come in a wide range of colors and types of leather and suede. You'll also find a handbag collection. METRO: Concorde, Madeleine (01 53 43 16 16)

6 Christian Louboutin
This cozy store displays one-of-a-kind shoes in an intimate, exhibit-like environment. The designer is a true artist who has created such masterpieces as sexy red-soled shoes and '80s-inspired black and gold knee boots. If you can't find the perfect shoe, Christian Louboutin will custom-design one for you. METRO: Saint-Sulpice, Rue du Bac (01 42 22 33 07)

5 Prada
These twin, intimate boutiques are located right next door to each other and specialize in high-end Italian shoes and accessories that are right off the fashion runways. One store is dedicated to shoes by Prada and Miu Miu, with styles ranging from high heel and flat dress shoes to the Prada sports line with runners and slides. The other store specializes in bags and accessories such as key chains and belts. METRO: Saint-Germain des Prés or Saint-Sulpice (01 45 48 53 14)

4 Jamin Puech
This bohemian-influenced store features the trendy, original handbags of designers Isabelle Jamin and Benoit Puech. A wide selection of beaded and sequined evening bags is perfect for a night at the opera, while flat handbags with leather straps are durable for day-to-day responsibilities. The insides of many bags feature bright, contrasting colors and velvet or suede fabrics. No matter which one you choose, it will surely add sparkle and style to your wardrobe. METRO: Poissonière (01 40 22 08 32)

3 Maria Luisa
For 20 years Maria Luisa has been credited with introducing fashion talents, such as Alexander McQueen, John Galliano or Ann Demeulemeester, and she recently reunited her clutch of small neighbouring boutiques in one larger shop. Shoes by Manolo Blahnik (regarded by many style mavens as the best shoe designer around) and Pierre Hardy also feature. METRO: Concorde or Tuileries (01 47 03 96 15)

2 Antik Batik
No matter the outdoor temperature, Antik Batik has the perfect seasonal accessory. The ethnic-minded store offers a wide selection of shawls and scarves that change in color and fabric depending on the time of year. In winter, hand-knitted hats, scarves, and mittens are prominent. In summer, hand-crocheted bikinis and one-piece bathing suits take precedence. Year-round, a wide range of women's and children's clothing is available, along with lingerie. METRO: Saint-Paul (01 44 78 02 00)

1 Hermès
The luxuriousness of Hermès. My favorite of their Parisian boutiques is the one on rue Faubourg St. Honoré, just behind the American Embassy. Why ? I find it the most welcoming, the most redolent of the Hermés signature scents of leather horse saddles, printed silk scarves and the scent I remember from childhood, Calèche. For the sake of this listing, however, I'll leave out the horse bridles and perfumes for now and focus just on the clothing. Available here are men's, women's, children's and babies' clothing in standard sizes. Need I explain that these are clothes that last a lifetime ? The silks are the finest, the cashmeres the softest, the cotton the highest weave and most vigorously brushed, the tweeds and wools sourced from the world's best suppliers. For a thoroughly different Hermès experience, check out their St.-Germain-des-Près boutique. (01 40 17 47 17)

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Jernard's Pardise 10Best List Arrow
Type: Men's Clothing, Shoes and Accessories
Neighborhood: 1er Arrondissement
Michel Perry 10Best List Arrow
Type: Shoes and Accessories
Neighborhood: 1er ARRONDISSEMENT
Sergio Rossi 10Best List Arrow
Type: Shoes and Accessories
Neighborhood: 7ème ARRONDISSEMENT
Tod's 10Best List Arrow
Type: Shoes and Accessories
Neighborhood: 8ème ARRONDISSEMENT
Christian Louboutin 10Best List Arrow
Type: Shoes and Accessories
Neighborhood: 7ème ARRONDISSEMENT
Prada 10Best List Arrow
Type: Shoes and Accessories
Neighborhood: 7ème ARRONDISSEMENT
Jamin Puech 10Best List Arrow
Type: Shoes and Accessories
Neighborhood: 10ème ARRONDISSEMENT
Maria Luisa 10Best List Arrow
Type: Shoes and Accessories, Women's Clothing
Neighborhood: 1er ARRONDISSEMENT
Antik Batik 10Best List Arrow
Type: Shoes and Accessories
Neighborhood: 4ème ARRONDISSEMENT
Hermès 10Best List Arrow
Type: Clothing Stores, Men's Clothing, Perfume, Cosmetics, Shoes and Accessories, Women's Clothing
Neighborhood: 8ème Arrondissement