Paris Shopping Centers: They Do Exist, and These Are the Best

Paige Donner

By , Local Expert, Paris
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For many years the only real shopping center within Paris city limits that I’d ever visit is Passy Plaza. Deep in the 16th arrondissement and accessible by rue de Passy, the street entrance hardly hints that there is a vast mall hidden underneath the modern residential building. But with Starbuck’s, H&M, Monoprix and Zara Home all nested inside, it makes for satisfying shopping.

My now favorite, however, is across the river, in the 15th arrondissement. This is the Centre Beaugrenelle Paris. While it was being built, the Beaugrenelle Shopping Center was controversial. But its sleek interiors of glass and escalators and 3rd...  Read more »

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    Centre Beaugrenelle Paris

    The newest and sleekest indoor shopping mall in Paris, Beaugrenelle gives you that shopping-mall-back-home experience.

    Local Expert Tip: "If you've always wanted to visit the Statue of Liberty in Paris, it's here on the little island called Ile des Cygnes between Beaugrenelle Paris and the Maison de la Radio France. It's easily accessible from the bridge between the two. "

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    La Galerie du Carrousel du Louvre

    Once you're finished with the Louvre, isn't it time to reward yourself with some shopping therapy ?

    Local Expert Tip: "The brand new Au Printemps du Louvre is open even on Sundays. "

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    Village Royal

    It's wonderful to slip into a little courtyard cluster of chic boutiques and feel like you've discovered your very own secret shopping garden.

    Local Expert Tip: "This is a slice of calm in the whirling Parisian focal point of the Place de la Madeleine. "

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    Le Passage du Havre

    The exterior façade gives little hint that this is a 3-storey indoor shopping mall.

    Local Expert Tip: "The newly renovated Gare St. Lazare, just across the street, now offers a gallery of trendy shops as well and has been configured more like an indoor mall than a train station. "

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    Boutiques du Palais des Congrès

    This is the only venue in Paris that combines high-end, live entertainment with luxury shopping.

    Local Expert Tip: "When you're headed to one of the big shows here, like Riverdance, arrive early and browse through the luxury shops. Why not ?"

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    Bercy Village

    This is a shopping mall that is designed like a little village. It offers better than average dining options, too.

    Local Expert Tip: "Be sure to make a visit to the Cinemathèque Française while you're here."

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    Galerie Vivienne

    You have not experienced Paris until you've wandered through one of its historical covered passages.

    Local Expert Tip: "A Priori Thé is American-expat owned and serves delicious brownies and chocolate chip cookies."

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    Passy Plaza

    Passy Plaza is a modern little shopping haven in the heart of the 16th.

    Local Expert Tip: "Exit from the back and you will find yourself right in the middle of rue de l'Assomption, a fabulous little pedestrian shopping street full of food shops and fun boutiques. "

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    Forum des Halles

    When the street-level canopy roof is finished, it will be made of 18,000 translucent glass panels.

    Local Expert Tip: "Don't be put off by the construction still underway on the street-level roof. The shops below ground are still very much open for business as usual. "

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    This is one of the most famous shopping streets in the world and one that is, essentially, a big outdoor mall.

    Local Expert Tip: "If you're looking for a particular high-end luxury designer store, check beforehand if it's on the Avenue des Champs-Elysées or nearby Avenue Montaigne, which is home to many of the designer brand stores."



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