Putting together an itinerary for seeing all the best sights this vacation? Perhaps you've got a few hours to kill between business meetings, and want to know the best stuff to see. Either way, our 10Best list should have you covered. While there are always great things to experience, there are typically things you wish you would have passed on as well. La Maison des Pampillons located in the Airport - Jsz area is among our top picks for sightseeing in Saint-Tropez.

9 La Maison des Pampillons
The former residence of noted photographer JH Lartigue has since been converted into a most remarkable butterfly museum. This amazing collection encompasses a wide variety of specimens and promises to be a memorable visit for all ages. (4-94-97-63-45)

8 Place des Lices
The city's social hub is noted for its striking architecture, colorful landscape, athletic events, fishing and cafés. The Marché des Lices (Lices Market) is held here on Saturdays.

7 Gassin
The village of Gassin originally sat in the Bourrian plains and was later relocated to a mountain peak for defense purposes. Here you'll find a quaint array of historic sites, period homes and long-established businesses. The ramparts offer a majestic view of the mountains.

6 Ramatuelle
Enjoy a leisurely stroll through this charming village inhabited by numerous artists and antique dealers. Tucked away in the hills, Ramatuelle's restored homes and buildings formerly served as a defense wall.

5 Vieux Port (Old Port)
Most activity seems to center around the historic old port. All of the fishing boats are docked in this area, their rustic look recalling the city's past as a thriving fishing village. The docks are also well populated by large yachts and sailboats. On the side of the gulf, there is a barricade bridge to protect the port against turbulent waters. While you're here, enjoy a scenic view of St. Tropez, its port and Citadelle, and choose from a variety of dining and shopping options.

4 Château Suffren
Established in 980, Château Suffren is now a popular antique shop and the site of periodic art exhibits.

3 Citadelle
Built in the 16th century, this hexagon-shaped building once served as the defender of the gulf and now houses the naval museum, which chronicles St. Tropez's storied maritime history. Overlooking the city, the main terrace provides a breathtaking view of the gulf. The summertime sees the Citadelle host a number of cultural events such as the classical music festival. (4-94-97-59-43)

2 Quartier de la Ponche
Arguably the most beautiful section of St. Tropez, this narrow matrix of cobblestone streets features a host of dining and shopping options, homes and hotels. Most striking are the tall buildings painted in warm autumn hues and earth tones. The buildings also feature large port lanterns that when lit at night cast a warm, romantic glow across the city. The nearby beach is a popular spot for fishing and watching the sunset.

1 Chapelle de la Miséricorde
This majestic chapel is located in the old town near the port and is a stunning example of 17th century architecture. Its tall stone walls are capped by an exquisitely tiled roof that features a magnificent swirl of rich blues, greens and golds. The roof glistens like the water, while the gold accents shine and sparkle in the sun. Quaint interior.

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