Best Atlanta, GA Restaurants

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    10. Miller Union

    Chef Steven Satterfield's curated menu of sustainable eats has been wowing diners since he opened this ethereal restaurant on Atlanta's Westside. Like others on this list, the culinary offerings are dictated by...

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    8. Taqueria del Sol

    At face value, Taqueria del Sol's various locations look like any trendy Mexican joint with their industrial, renovated gas station get-ups, low prices and straight-forward menus. But then you see the line--a regular...

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    7. Cakes & Ale

    The name of this restaurant references a line of Shakespeare's, and though it does have its own sunny little bakery (which shares a similar vibe to Thomas Keller's Bouchon), the restaurant is neither pub nor bakery....

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    6. no. 246

    Chef Ford Fry's Decatur restaurant serves an idyllic blend of rustic, Italian dishes brimming with flavor, and utilizing fresh, local ingredients. Located centrally in downtown Decatur the Smith Hanes-designed...

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    5. The Optimist

    Chef-owner Ford Fry's (also owner of King + Duke, St. Cecilia, No. 246 and JCT. Kitchen & Bar) ode to the Southern coast has become an instant hit for Atlantans seeking seaside cuisine. Chef Adam Evans cooks up a...

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    1. Bacchanalia

    Encounter farm-fresh fare at its finest at chefs Anne Quatrano and Clifford Harrison's award-winning restaurant. Set amid the duo's other impeccable eateries and market at Westside Provisions District (Abattoir,...

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About Atlanta, GA Restaurants

Mere mention of Southern food brings to mind church picnics, dinner at Grandma's, and overflowing breakfast feasts. It's fried chicken, barbecue, hushpuppies, shrimp and grits, macaroni and cheese, collard greens, banana pudding, and peach cobbler. In short, it's comfort food par excellence. And thanks to places like Dreamland BBQ and Fat Matt's Rib Shack, you can still get a taste of the good life. More often than not, though, Atlanta's chefs have taken these venerable culinary traditions and updated them, adding a Continental touch that enlivens the basics. Canoe, for example, offers mountain trout and local rabbit, dressed with fresh herbs and light sauces. The bounty only continues from there, and modern cuisine runs rampant in this food-loving city. Elegant Bacchanalia's international reach, Joël's French dishes, and Floataway Café's eclectic ambience all hint at Atlanta's fabulous options. Great steaks and seafood are welcome standards too, and although high-end establishments are abundant, so too are low-brow eateries. The Varsity, a local landmark, showcases this end of the culinary spectrum with easy grace – burgers, fries, and onion rings served car-side have a tendency to level all playing fields, as lawyers, high-school juniors, and blue-collar folks similarly attest.

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