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Savannah may be known the world over for its history, charm and laid-back, sleepy Southern vibe, but the city is quickly becoming one of the East Coast’s premier dining destinations. From upscale restaurants that offer a variety of fresh, local, innovative dishes to neighborhood dives that serve up an eclectic mix of affordable, funky fare, Savannah will not disappoint even the most discerning foodies. Visitors will undoubtedly be tempted to sample the fare at one of the city's Southern restaurants, but those willing to take a walk on the wild side will find a surprising number of back-alley barbeque joints and authentic ethnic eateries. Savannah’s proximity to the Atlantic ocean means a steady supply of fresh seafood, and while it may be tempting to get those shrimp battered and fried, the health-conscious crowd will be pleased to find the words “broiled” and “grilled” on just about every seafood restaurant menu in town. Still, the Southern influence is prevalent, with traditional items such as fried green tomatoes and shrimp and grits available at even the city’s finest dining establishments. After all, you can take the food out of the South, but you can’t always take the South out of the food.

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