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The Berlin nightscape of the 1920s and ‘30s was legendary for its progressive – perhaps even subversive – attitude. Fortunately for today’s travelers, years of Nazi occupation and Cold War division did little to dull the city’s taste for round-the-clock revelry. Indeed, bars and clubs are generally open until the wee hours of the morning, and you’ll find plenty of choices to suit any palate. If it’s a cool, sleek, Euro-style bar you seek, the Mitte scene caters to both a conservative and sophisticated clientele, thanks to posh institutions like Lola and Newton. While boasting a handful of hotspots like Tiergarten’s Bar Am Lützowplatz, the western downtown area is also a haven for jazz aficionados, thanks to Charlottenburg’s swanky A-Trane. The southern districts of Schöneberg and Kreutzeberg, meanwhile, have done their part to solidify Berlin’s reputation as Europe’s gay and lesbian trendsetter, offering everything from ultra-chic dance clubs like 90° and Havanna to themed places that challenge patrons to be, shall we say, more adventurous during their twilight forays.

- Berlin Expert Kelly Sigmon