Best Berlin Restaurants

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    10. Sauvage Paleothek

    If the concept of eating like cavemen only conjures up visions of gnawing massive bones and munching boiled acorns, it's time to visit Sauvage. Since 2011, owners Rodrigo and Boris Leite-Poco have treated curious...

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    9. Brasserie Lamazère

    This French outpost on a decidedly unglamorous square deep in western Berlin has been one of the most celebrated new arrivals since cutting the ribbon in late 2013. Don't let the Hanky Panky table dance bar next door...

    Photo courtesy of Andrea Schulte-Peevers
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    8. Borchardt

    This gastronomic jewel pegs its inception back to 1853 when August FW Borchardt opened a delicatessen and wine store and quickly became a caterer to the bourgeoisie, the aristocracy and even the royal court. With...

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    7. Restaurant Richard

    The young chefs at this restaurant may not flaunt a Michelin star, but perhaps they should. Solidly rooted in the fine French tradition, the fare here is so exceptionally orchestrated that you'll be tempted to lick...

    Photo courtesy of Restaurant Richard
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    6. Weinbar Rutz

    Wine lovers and fans of hearty German cuisine cherish the Weinbar Rutz, helmed by Marco Mueller who's also the mastermind behind the gourmet restaurant Rutz upstairs. Here Mueller practices a more down-to-earth form...

    Photo courtesy of Wienbar Rutz
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    5. Restaurant am Steinplatz

    At Restaurant am Steinplatz, the glamorous 1920s get a 21st century makeover both in the kitchen and the decor. Black-and-white photographs of cabaret dancers set cheeky accents for the classic dining room whose...

    Photo courtesy of Andrea Schulte-Peevers
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    4. Pauly Saal

    It took Pauly Saal only one year to enter the pantheon of Michelin-starred food emporia in 2013. Its chef, Michael Höpfl, is known for his bold interpretations of hearty German fare wrought from locally hunted and...

    Photo courtesy of Stefan Korte
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    3. Le Faubourg

    Following an extensive makeover, the Restaurant Le Faubourg at the Sofitel Berlin Kurfürstendamm now presents itself with cosmopolitan flair and such eye-catchers as Bauhaus-inspired furniture, avant-garde...

    Photo courtesy of Le Faubourg Restaurant
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    2. La Soupe Populaire

    Berlin star chef Tim Raue has a knack for capturing the city's culinary zeitgeist. In his latest venture, he has ditched his Michelin-starred Asian crossover cuisine in favor of honest-to-goodness German comfort food...

    Photo courtesy of Andrea Schulte-Peevers
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    1. Zenkichi

    The fact that Japanese food is about more than just sushi is hardly a surprise. But what exactly does make it onto the plates in Tokyo or Kyoto? Motoko Watanabe and Shaul Margulies provide a delicious answer at...

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About Berlin Restaurants

When ranking the average German’s favorite pastimes, “enjoying a fine meal” should appear near the top of the list. For Berliners, dining out is a particularly serious business, especially in light of the city’s ever-evolving roster of chic European and quality ethnic eateries. Along with classic city delicacies like rouladen (beef rolls with bacon, onions, and pickles) and schlachtplatte (a plate of cold meat and sausage), die einheimischen incorporate cuisine from India, Japan, and Thailand into their weekly regimens. In fashionable Mitte and Schöneberg, fare from Italy and France is strongly represented, and restaurants like Charlottensburg’s Alt Luxemburg and Paris-Moskau near Tiergarten herald Berlin’s status as a city with a knack for the gourmet. Oenophiles, meanwhile, happily discover that wines from the Rhone Valley and abroad have an esteemed place in most restaurants and street-side cafés. Turkish food, too, plays a prominent role, especially in Kreuzberg, thanks to corner stands that specialize in falafel and döner kebabs (flat bread-wrapped grilled lamb).

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