Berlin's 10 Best Spots For A Delicious Lunch

Rachel Beckley

By , Local Expert, Berlin
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It can be hard when travelling to fit in a good lunch, and more often than not, you discover you're hungry somewhere between tourist attractions and end up sitting in a tourist-trap restaurant, over-paying for average quality food... or worse, at McDonalds. This 10Best list aims to help you avoid these all too common situations, with recommendations for places to go for a delicious lunch that you'll actually WANT to schedule into your itinerary!

If you feel there is simply too much to see and do in Berlin, that you don't have time for a leisurely sit-down lunch, then we have you covered with a few of Berlins best take-away...  Read more »

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    Natural Mente

    Local Expert Tip: "Natural'Mente has a changing weekly menu and offers two main dishes daily, in addition to the requisite side dishes - salads, soups, veggie platters and portions of protein substitutes - in addition to a daily dessert."

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    Mustafa's Gemüse Kebap

    Local Expert Tip: "Unless you're happy to queue for around 30minutes (and if you've got the time, it is well worth the wait!) try visiting outside of standard meal times."

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    The Barn

    Local Expert Tip: "The ideal spot for a comfortable sit down lunch with the freshest and most delicious rustic food."

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    Local Expert Tip: "One of the best things about this place is the genuine warmth and friendliness of the staff who make it a delight to sit and have a bite to eat."

  • 5

    Suicide Sue

    Local Expert Tip: "Also very popular for their breakfasts and brunch."

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    Monsieur Vuong

    Local Expert Tip: "Be sure to check out the specials board before ordering and try the spring rolls and an alcoholic smoothie!"

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    Local Expert Tip: "If possible, try to make a booking to see the Hoffman collection- Berlin's first private gallery open to the public from inside the couples own home. The collection overlooks the courtyard where Barcomi's is located so you can pop in for lunch before or after. "

  • 8

    St. Oberholz

    Local Expert Tip: "This is a great guilt-free spot to spend your lunchtime taking advantage of the free wifi (everybody's doing it!)"

  • 9


    Local Expert Tip: "It's always hard to find a seat here, especially at lunch time. There is a reasonable amount of standing/leaning space available however it might be an idea to grab your burger and go."

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    Local Expert Tip: "November has plenty of on street seating which is ideal in this area as it's so beautiful and lively, particularly in the summertime."



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