Bremen Travel Guide

Get Your Bearings in Bremen

Where to Stay

Bremen has a range of accommodations. The international Youth Hostel and GastHaus Bremer Backpacker Hostel are some of the budget options available in the city. Many higher-end hotels like the Hilton and Swissotel Bremen are centrally located and include additional perks like saunas and gyms. Hochzeitshaus-Bremen is a particularly unique and well-located establishment that claims to be the world's smallest hotel.

Caution: The summers tend to attract more tourists, so make reservations well in advance.


What to Eat

Bremen's seaside location is apparent in its food, where the local cuisine focuses on seafood from the North Sea. Cafes are popular in the city, and many are located along the Weser River. Restaurants specializing in fish are located in Böttcherstrasse. Traditional restaurants will often serve cabbage and smoked seafood dishes.

Be Sure to Sample: Labskaus, a traditional sailor's meal of mashed potatoes, beef and a fried egg.


Things to See

There's no shortage of things to do here.  The city's town hall is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list and the Cathedral of St. Peter offers impressive views over the city. The Schnoor-Viertel, located near the city center, is filled with medieval buildings, art collections and shops, and is great for an afternoon walk. The Böttcherstrasse is an art street containing several museums, shops and galleries.

Caution: Many of the attractions in Bremen will require a small surcharge.


Places to Party

Bremen has a range of nightlife activities, from bars to gambling. Casino Bremen is centrally located and has roulette and blackjack, but does require formal attire. Gay clubs and dance clubs are located throughout the city and often have live music. Several theaters, such as the Theatrium and Theater im Schnoor offer a variety of productions, from plays for children to cabaret shows.

Hot Tips: A monthly magazine, MIX, lists events occurring in the city.


Where to Shop

Schnoor and Böttcherstrasse are two districts that sell handicrafts, jewelry, and cultural artifacts. High-end shopping is located in the Waterfront Shopping Centre, where name brand shops like Tommy Hilfiger sell fashion and fashion accessories including jewelry, leather, and shoes.  Obernstrasse and Sögestrasse are two streets also filled with high-end chain stores.

Best Local Souvenir: Peppermint and chocolate confections known as Kluten are a popular buy and are a traditional sweet from the area.


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About Bremen

Welcome to the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, Germany's only independent, two-city state, comprised of Bremen and Bremerhaven. The former is a large city in northern Germany, and the latter is the country's biggest coastal town and a major port. Located on the North Sea, the area is well known as an international trading center, as well as an important center for automobile manufacturing — in particular, for Mercedes-Benz. The city also boasts a rich 1,200-year history that eventually culminated in Bremen's evolution into an independent republic. Schnoor, the picturesque old quarter, is as good a place as any to start your tour. Follow that area by the cultural and artistic highlights along Böttcherstrasse. Notable attractions include the wonderful Rathaus building and the adjacent statue of Roland (1404). To unwind, sample some of the city's distinctive German beer.