Best Hamburg Restaurants

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    Le Canard Nouveau

    This restaurant offers diners some of the best fresh seafood around. The menu features an array of choices for any taste or appetite. With views of the Elbe...

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    A dining experience at the top end of the scale, Tafelhaus is an absolute must for all gourmets and friends of good food. It is an expensive choice, but...

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    Restaurant Nil

    This bistro-style restaurant is a favorite for classic German fare. Choose from a selection of four- or six-course meals that are perfect to get the...

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    This restaurant, with its ship motif and theme, features a good selection of fresh seafood items. Try the clams, famed oysters, or any of the many other...

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    das weisse haus

    Small but exquisite, the restaurant next to the Museumshafen is booked weeks in advance; there is better chance of a reservation for lunch than dinner....

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    Restaurant Engel is an attractive location: sparkling glasses on white tablecloths, floor-to-ceiling windows looking out at the river. What is special about...

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    Casse Croute

    A welcoming city-center bistro, just around the corner from the Opera House. Popular for business lunches, it is an open secret in Hamburg that the top...

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    Restaurant Schifferbörse

    The Schifferbörse is one restaurant you are likely to never forget. Straight across the road from the Hauptbahnhof, the restaurant's narrow entranceway is...

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    The Groeninger cellar is doing all it can to further the very old German tradition of the small brewery. Situated directly opposite the picturesque...

Local Expert Restaurant Recommendations

Local Expert Restaurant Recommendations