At 10Best, we're always on the lookout for Stuttgart's best restaurants, and while we appreciate places that have a broad culinary range, we can't help but adore restaurants that specialize in a given cuisine. When we're in the mood for German food in Stuttgart, we head to Gastsätte zum Paulaner - a reader favorite - or we count on Altes Schutzenhaus's solid track record and consistently great dishes. You'll find these places - and any of the restaurants on our list - to be fantastic options for German cuisine.

5 Altes Schutzenhaus
This popular beer garden on the Burgstallstrasse serves up a delicious menu of traditional German foods. Try the schnitzel, strudel or sausage. The regional beer selection is a delicious addition to any choice. First-rate service and a quaint ambience. Business casual attire. (711-649-8157)

4 Iden
DOWNTOWN. This is a convenient and delicious continental café on the Eberhardtstrasse that serves a range of casual dining options. A diverse menu. For a lighter meal, choose from the vegetarian menu that is also available. First-rate service and ambience. Perfect for a meal after a day of sightseeing. Business casual attire. (711-235-989)

3 Café Stella
This is a lovely city center café that is well known for its ambience and menu of casual dining and local favorites. Try a light sandwich or, for a more hearty appetite, some of the filling and delicious Schwabisch cuisine. Superb dining with first-rate service and good prices. Business casual attire. (711-640-2583)

2 Bierhaus West
This traditional beer house serves up first-rate Schwabisch, or Stuttgart regional food, including sausages and cheeses, as well as a delicious selection of local and regional beers. The service and ambience are a perfect complement to the meal and the prices are just right. Try one of the desserts made from a time-honored recipe. Business casual attire. (711-255-917)

1 Gastsätte zum Paulaner
This beer house is a favorite of locals and tourists and serves the popular Paulaner beer in large steins. Traditional on-site gasthaus also serves up local fare, including such favorites as potatoes, sauerkraut, and a variety of sausages. There is a terrace for those warm summer nights in Stuttgart. (711-224-150)

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