New Nightlife Spot in Athens: Fabrica de Vino in the Sand

At the seaside for summer wine nights

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Sipping wine at Fabrica de Vino in the Sand — Photo courtesy of Fabrica de VinoFabrica De Vino in the Sand is the new summer hot spot for Athens nightlife. Situated close to the beach of Alimos, on the Helios Coast at La Cabana Beach, Fabrica De Vino operates under the same direction as the Athens wine bar, and wine is the main point. The open space right on the beach and under the starry sky is one of the coolest places to spend a summer evening with summer style.

Relaxed and casual, with an excellent wine list, Fabrica De Vino features selections mainly composed of white wines from Greek vineyards, which are ideal for summer. The list also includes a wide choice of red wine, dry, semi-dry, sweet and sparkling varieties as well as cold beers, another ideal summer drink, from Greece, Spain and Italy which are served in wine glasses.

Barrel shaped tables at Fabrica de Vino in the Sand — Photo courtesy of Fabrica de VinoTsipouro (pomace brandy), from many regions of Greece with its characteristic taste, also features strongly on the list. All in all, the list includes approximately 200 wine labels from which about 40 will be served in 75 and 150 ml glasses as Fabrica De Vino was the first to establish in Athens.

An innovative cocktail list prepared in collaboration with Aristotelis Papadopoulos and the Soulshakers will contain cocktails with Greek wines and tsipouro in addition to exclusively Greek beverages such as masticha, tendura, kumquat, and liqueurs from local fruit made by small producers. The menu is based on tapas and pintchos,  ideal for the high temperatures of summer and for accompanying the drinks.    

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