Personalized Perfumes and Natural Cosmetics at Athens' Indie Scent

Indie Scent prepares your own unique perfume just for you

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Indie Scent opened recently in the center of Athens, on Agias Irinis street, very close to Monastiraki. It's a small, low-budget boutique store all about beauty that sells natural, organic products, from various parts of Greece, for body and hair.

Here you can find soaps, body lotions, liquid soap, body oil, flower water, aromatic candles and products for perfuming space. At Indie Scent you can choose amongst the many natural aromatic essences available, such as orange blossom, vetiver, galbanum, narcissus, incense, Damascus rose, jasmine, cedarwood, myrrh, sandalwood and many more, which are combined to create your personal perfume, bath wash, body oil and lotion.

Natural beauty products — Photo courtesy of Indie Scent

This attractively decorated, welcoming store, with its warm friendly atmosphere, was created out of a personal desire of the owners to find good quality cosmetics and beauty products at affordable prices. The ingredients are carefully selected and the personal attention to each customer is a focal point.

After specifying your preferences regarding perfume, the owners will help you choose and decide which combination meets your needs and personality. Sampling the exquisite aromatic essences is the ultimate sensory experience, enjoyed by people of all ages.  

The ambiance is simple, but tasteful and the experience of choosing the perfect perfume for yourself or for a gift is fascinating. First, you smell the separate essences, then you select the ones you prefer and special combinations are suggested. Your final choice is noted with your name, so that the next time you can order exactly the same one.

The perfume you have selected can also be added to body lotion, oil or liquid soap, so that you have the custom perfume scent across the whole range of beauty products.  Flowery or dry, citrus or vanilla, sandalwood or cypress, the choice is wide and it's fun discovering your very own perfume.

Amongst the beauty products in the shop are the handmade soaps with organic ingredients, the hand cream with aloe and jojoba oil, the oriental scents, and many more luxury items at budget prices.

Indie Scent became instantly popular with a public of all ages who wait patiently to be served by the smiling owners. They're experts on the subject and can advise you as you explore the wonderful fragrances

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