Big Island Buffets Soothe Your Soul & Fill your Belly

Jade Eckardt

By , Local Expert, Big Island
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Buffets are a vacation favorite for many travelers, and why wouldn't they be? All you can eat for a good price before starting a long day of exploring a destination is an ideal opportunity, especially for families. But Big Island buffets aren't just for breakfast, on the Big Island they're a wonderful way to sample the various cuisines that reflect the different cultures on the island.The good news is that the Big Island has plenty of buffets to choose from, and they're concentrated in the resort areas of Hilo and Kailua-Kona.

If you're waking up on the Hilo side of the island, Nani Mau Orchid Restaurant is sure to please...  Read more »

  • 1

    Bay Terrace

    The selection of breakfast foods is lengthy and tasty, and it's nearly half the price for children.

    Local Expert Tip: "The adult continental breakfast buffet is $10 lower than the main breakfast buffet. "

  • 2

    Queen's Court Buffet

    In addition to the good food, this buffet made the list because a complete renovation has enhanced the restaurant greatly.

    Local Expert Tip: "After breakfast take the sort walk over to Coconut Island for clear morning views of Mauna Kea and Hilo Bay. "

  • 3

    Nani Mau Orchid Restaurant

    The food is great and the ambiance of foliage, flowers and an overall natural feel is awesome.

    Local Expert Tip: "Go for the food, but make sure to visit the gardens while you're there. "

  • 4

    Naniloa Buffet

    The Naniloa serves a unique breakfast buffet that's a nice blend of traditional fare and local foods.

    Local Expert Tip: "Explore the sights of Banyan Drive before leaving the hotel."

  • 5

    Manta & Pavilion Wine Bar

    Amazing food in a beautiful, ocean front venue on the sunny west side of the island. It can't get any better.

    Local Expert Tip: "After breakfast explore the northern sights, it'll be perfect timing before turning around for lunch."

  • 6


    The Sheraton Keahou is a beautiful resort, and the buffet gets you started for your day on site while taking in views of the ocean.

    Local Expert Tip: "Take a walk down the coastal trail on the property to settle breakfast and get great morning views before hitting the road or the pool."

  • 7

    Queen's Court Dinner Buffet

    This dinner buffet, served in a completely renovated dining room, overlooks the ocean and serves a combination of local foods.

    Local Expert Tip: "Make reservations, and before dinner take in sunset views of Mauna Kea and Hilo bay from nearby Coconut Island."

  • 8

    Ocean Terrace Buffet

    At the Ocean Terrace, you will be treated to delicious food with great views before starting a west side adventure.

    Local Expert Tip: "Epic food (as the locals would say) served amongst breathtaking views of the beach and coastline."

  • 9

    Let's Go Crabbing

    This is the most extensive array of fresh and local seafood you can find on the island.

    Local Expert Tip: "Make reservations for just after sunset, so you can watch it over the ocean. "

  • 10

    Ulu Ocean Grill

    The Ulu Ocean Grill serves gourmet dishes comprised of 75 percent locally sourced ingredients with amazing ambiance.

    Local Expert Tip: "Make reservations, and order whatever is seasonally available, you'll get the best meal that way. "



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