Trying to find the best Desserts & Coffee in Big Island? 10Best has you covered. Our editors and locals search the city and suburbs for the top places. Then, we showcase popular restaurants like Island Lava Java, and we highlight eateries with great user reviews, like Hilo Homemade Ice Cream. We also help you find areas where Desserts & Coffee are prominent - the Hilo area, for example - so that you not only get terrific dining recommendations, but you also have choices to boot. After all, if you're going to eat, you may as well do it right and take advantage of Big Island's best.

Hilo Bay Café
Don't let appearances deceive you � there are more than just burgers and fries at this unassuming restaurant. You will find dishes like stuffed chicken breast with bacon and pine nuts, and artichoke, garlic, and cream cheese ravioli. Lunch features salads, sandwiches, and comfort food entrees (try the vegetarian pot pie). An even balance of meat and meatless plates keeps everyone happy, and the waitstaff are happy to suggest wine pairings for your meal. (808-935-4939)

Full Moon Coffee
A family run breakfast joint, Full Moon Coffee serves up organic coffee, lattes, mochas, frappucinos, and Thai iced tea and coffee. Other healthy morning drinks include mate lattes (made with yerba mate), chai, ginger peach, fresh carrot juice, smoothies and coconut water. Fresh pastries, bagels and an early riser breakfast make up the food menu. This is a great way to start the day in Hilo and one of its newest restaurants. ((808) 961-0599)

Kope Lani Coffee and Ice Cream
When you get a craving for a sweet treat on the Big Island, Kope Lani Coffe and Ice Cream is the place to go. Located in the historic area of Kailua-Kona, Kope Lani offers a wide variety of local ice creams (26 to be exact) and kona coffees that are sure to give your taste buds an authentic Hawaiian experience. The delicious ice cream concoctions include fresh coconut and coffee flavors that only the Big Island could produce. You can even purchase some of their famous coffee blends such as the Peaberry and "Extra Fancy" by the pound and take the refreshing taste of Hawaii home with you. (808-329-6152, 866-485-2232)

Java on the Rock
A handful of tables overlooking gorgeous Kailua Bay and some of the best Kona coffee on the Big Island are keys to Java on the Rock's success. Stop by in the morning for a lovingly-brewed cup of their popular Three Stone brand and a hearty omelet or a bagel with lox and a side of papaya. Experienced baristas will guide you through the menu, whether you opt for a simple cuppa joe or a more involved espresso drink. Grab a seat and let the coffee and the view work their magic! (808-329-9262)

Hilo Homemade Ice Cream
If you're lucky, premium Hilo Homemade Ice Cream will be on the menu at all the restaurants you visit; if not, get your fill of the delicious stuff at this casual location. Favorite flavors include standards like chocolate and vanilla, along with wickedly delicious concoctions like macadamia nut, Kona coffee, passion fruit, and banana-poha (gooseberry). In fact, you may need to visit several times to sample them all! If your sweet tooth is really raging, super-premium Tropical Dreams Ice Cream is available as well. (808-217-9650)

Kailua Candy Company
You'll almost certainly have a difficult time choosing which candies to sample here. Among the temptations are hand-dipped, chocolate-covered macadamia nuts, chocolate-covered coconut, chocolate-covered nut brittle, coffee toffee, chocolate-covered crystallized ginger, and guava rum truffles -- oh my! Perhaps the best option is to get some of each and take them home for further testing. Good luck! (808-329-2522, 800-622-2462)

Kohala Coffee Mill and Tropical Dreams Ice Cream
The combination of coffee and ice cream under one roof may seem odd, but it's actually a clever strategy. The 100% Kona coffee is for folks who need a morning jumpstart, while the island-made ice cream is for folks who need an afternoon pick-me-up. Obviously, the coffee is great, and the ice cream is just as good. It comes in a variety of intriguing flavors, like pineapple-coconut, chocolate macadamia nut, green tea, and lychee. Enjoy your choice in the slightly down-at-the-heels café, which has a loyal local following. (808-889-5577)

Kope Kope Espresso and Cafe
Regularly voted "Best of the Island" by readers of the local newspaper, Kope Kope certainly has a few fans. Tons of them, in fact, and they show up every day for a java fix and either a quiet moment of solitude or a bit of friendly conversation. Designed as a retreat from the hassles of the outside world, the café is appealingly decorated, and tables are arranged for maximum privacy. Accompany your coffee with a pastry or a freshly made sandwich. (808-933-1221)

Island Lava Java
Coffee fans love the Big Island for many reasons, and this place is one of them. You'll find freshly brewed, 100% Kona coffee here, along with an assortment of sweets and sandwiches. A great place to people-watch, it's situated directly across from the beach, where human activity is non-stop. (808-327-2161)

Coffee Shack
A great stop-off, Coffee Shack is little more than its name suggests -- a nondescript place where guests can saddle up to the counter, order fresh-brewed Kona coffee, munch on carrot cake, and enjoy warm island breezes. In recent years, the Shack has earned quite a reputation as a breakfast hotspot, and for good reason -- there are few better ways to properly kick off the day than with the help of homemade eggs Benedict, poi-bread French toast, and fresh-baked pastries. (808-328-9555, 808-328-9795)

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Hilo Bay Café 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: American, Asian, Hawaiian
Neighborhood: Hilo
Cost: $$
Full Moon Coffee 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: Coffee Shop
Neighborhood: Hilo
Cost: $
Kope Lani Coffee and Ice Cream 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: Coffee Shop, Hawaiian, Ice Cream, Local Specialty
Neighborhood: KAILUA-KONA
Java on the Rock 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: American, Coffee Shop
Neighborhood: KAILUA-KONA
Cost: $
Hilo Homemade Ice Cream 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: American, Hawaiian, Ice Cream
Neighborhood: Hilo
Cost: $
Kailua Candy Company 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: Hawaiian
Neighborhood: Kona Coast
Kohala Coffee Mill and Tropical Dreams Ice Cream 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: Hawaiian
Neighborhood: Hawi
Cost: $
Kope Kope Espresso and Cafe 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: American, Coffee Shop, Hawaiian
Neighborhood: Hilo
Cost: $
Island Lava Java 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: American, Coffee Shop, Hawaiian
Neighborhood: Kona Coast
Cost: $
Coffee Shack 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: American, Coffee Shop
Neighborhood: Captain Cook
Cost: $
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