10 Best shopping centers and malls offer everything from designer duds to casual apparel

Jade Eckardt

By , Local Expert, Honolulu
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A Hawaiian vacation may seem to be about sun and surf, but we can't deny that retail therapy is always fun no matter where you are. From low cost souvenirs to high end fashion, Honolulu offers a wide array of shopping experiences. Honolulu is home to the largest shopping center in all of Hawaii, but it's also home to market with small booths of unique finds.

If you're in search of great deals to take advantage you'll find luck at the Waikele Outlet Mall, Hawaii's only outlet mall. With a wide selection of shops and boutiques, the mall is the answer to budget shoppers. Meanwhile at the state's largest shopping mall, Ala Moana...  Read more »

  • 1

    Ala Moana Shopping Center

    Ala Moana Shopping Center is the largest and most elaborate mall in all of the Hawaiian Islands.

    Local Expert Tip: "Make sure to check out the mall map, this place can be confusing it's so big!"

  • 2

    Hilton Hawaiian Village Shops

    These shops are the best of the best when it comes to high end retail.

    Local Expert Tip: "This isn't for budget shoppers."

  • 3

    International Market Place

    This market is like 100 awesome shops combined into one. The goods are from all over the world and very unique.

    Local Expert Tip: "This is a perfect stop for stocking up on souvenirs! "

  • 4

    Kahala Mall

    As the second largest mall in Honolulu, Kahala Mall is large, but easy to deal with.

    Local Expert Tip: "A convenient stop when heading further east to visit beaches."

  • 5

    Waikele Premium Outlets

    Waikele Premium Outlets is Honolulu's only outlet mall, and it's comprised of an array of wonderful shops.

    Local Expert Tip: "It's a good idea to stop here before Ala Moana Shopping Center since the prices here are lower."

  • 6

    Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center

    This large shopping center dominates the better part of an entire city block, and is home to a wonderful selection of popular shops.

    Local Expert Tip: "Shop here early evening before catching a movie on Waikiki Beach."

  • 7

    Aloha Stadium Swap Meet

    This outdoor market will provide you with the largest array of low priced and unique goods.

    Local Expert Tip: "Browse through before making a purchase, many booths have the similar items for varying prices."

  • 8

    Ward Centers

    Ward Centers is home to a variety of shops that are not main stream, and sell unique island style wares.

    Local Expert Tip: "Stop into Mocha Java for a great mid-shopping meal."

  • 9

    Aloha Tower Marketplace

    Located right on the water, Aloha Tower Marketplace is made up of unique shops with a great view.

    Local Expert Tip: "Sit by the water and enjoy the peaceful ocean."

  • 10

    DFS Galleria Waikiki

    DFS Galleria Waikiki made the list because it's tax free and filled with wonderful goods.

    Local Expert Tip: "Fun even for window shopping, and it's duty free!"



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