5 Allerton Garden
A member of the National Tropical Botanical Garden, Allerton occupies the grounds that once graced a private estate. The manicured gardens consist of a series of outdoor venues that have their own unique traits and are distinguished by fountains, statues, and exotic plantings. Around each bend, there's a new vista, a new series of scents, and a new opportunity to be enchanted. Rare and native plants can both be viewed; advance reservations are required for entrance. (808-742-2623)

4 Limahuli Garden and Preserve
Tucked away in the Limahuli Valley of Kauai's North Shore, this exquisite, pristine preserve has as its mission the protection of Hawaii's native species and the conservation of tropical ecosystems. On the 17-acre site, plants are labeled for visitors' edification, and those used by natives for food, medicine, and shelter (such as sugarcane, taro, and the like) are indicated. Scenery here is absolutely spectacular, and you can wander about on your own or take a guided tour. Reservations are required for entrance. Member of the National Tropical Botanical Garden. (808-826-1053)

3 Smith's Tropical Paradise
Set along the Wailua River, this 30-acre complex introduces visitors to Hawaii's local flora and to more exotic species too. A mile-long trail wends through manicured grounds, offering folks the chance to view cultivated vegetation and a series of ethnic villages that represent the cultures of Kauai's various immigrants. Filipino, Japanese, and Polynesian sites can be explored, along with a fruit orchard, rainforest setting, and ginger and heliconia gardens. Narrated tram tours are available, and the complex also hosts weekly luaus, complete with entertainment and traditional foods. (808-821-6896)

2 Moir Gardens at Kiahuna Plantation Resort
What began in the late 1930s as a planting of cacti on a sugar plantation has evolved into these beautiful gardens. These days, the complex has expanded greatly, and across 35 acres, you'll find gorgeous specimens and perfectly manicured beds. Thousands of plants conspire towards the unified vision, and a good number of them are labeled for the benefit of aficionados. And as a tribute to Hector Moir, the founder, there's still a good collection of succulents. (808-742-2121, 808-742-6411)

1 Na 'Âina Kai Botanical Gardens
Part botanical gardens, part sculpture collection, and part wildlife habitat, Na 'Âina Kai offers visitors all the delights of a tropical paradise. Almost 250 acres include arbors, coastline, meadows, a hedge maze, topiaries, a hardwood plantation, a Japanese teahouse, over 70 bronze sculptures, and plenty of free-roaming fauna. A special kids' area features playground equipment and a tree house. Booking a tour in advance is wise, given the limited opening hours. (808-828-0525)

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Allerton Garden 10Best List Arrow
Type: Gardens
Neighborhood: Poipu
Limahuli Garden and Preserve 10Best List Arrow
Type: Gardens
Neighborhood: Haena
Smith's Tropical Paradise 10Best List Arrow
Type: Attractions, Gardens
Neighborhood: Kapa'a
Na 'Âina Kai Botanical Gardens 10Best List Arrow
Type: Gardens
Neighborhood: KILAUEA
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