Outdoor Activities

Surrounded by resorts and shops, this beach – known as one of Maui's best – can be quite crowded. With its golden sands and calm waters, it's no surprise that its appeal is wide-ranging. Whether you want to swim, snorkel, sunbathe, or...  Read More

Calm waters and golden sands make this beach one of the best in the area for swimming and sunbathing. For those who are interested but haven't been initiated into the intricacies of water sports, this is also a good place to test the waters, so...  Read More

Sculpted by lava rather than water, this underground network of caves was created 30,000 years ago at the time of Maui's formation. Used by ancient Hawaiians, it's now available for sightseeing by those with geological interests. Intriguing lava...  Read More

Red Sand Beach

Although the beach is spectacular, getting to it is somewhat perilous. Still, if you must go, you must, especially since photos alone don't do justice to the vibrant juxtaposition of sand, water, and vegetation. The beach itself is set in a...  Read More

Iao Valley State Park

This beautiful, accessible park is best known for its stone spire, the "Iao Needle," which rises 2250 feet from the valley floor. It's also celebrated for its well-maintained hiking paths and river swimming holes. Calm and serene, the park's...  Read More

Ho‘okipa Beach

A mecca for wind-surfing enthusiasts, this beach is one of the best anywhere according to those in the know. It's not great for swimming, but it's a terrific place to hang out and watch local and international talents negotiate waves up to...  Read More