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Never is Chicago plagued by boredom. The same attractions topping the tourist’s agenda are the symbols that represent the city. With history on its side, Chicago’s major museums are first-class pioneers. Unless you’re whole day is forgiving, choosing among Museum Campus attractions is difficult. The lakefront pier in the South Loop takes you into outer space, underwater and back in time. Down the road, interactive sculpture and design draw year-round crowds to Millennium Park. The park is a truly functional exhibit. The city’s walk-friendly streets form a grid that make navigation easy. No question about it, the iconic skyline is a must-see. Architecture enthusiasts guide you through a canyon of skyscrapers, making Chicago’s most popular tour by boat. Don’t leave without visiting the Hancock Building for a spectacular bird’s-eye view. Maybe you can spot those long, spotted giraffe necks while gazing north to Lincoln Park Zoo. See what today’s artists are putting out. Get a feel for Chicago's local taste at the Art Institute. 

- Chicago Expert Emma Watters