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We all have love/hate relationships with our clothes, and travel only heightens the emotions. We forget to pack something, or we need something unexpectedly, or we just want to see what Chicago has to offer that our own city may not. That's why 10Best compiles a list of the best clothing stores in town. From independent boutiques to upscale chains, we tell you where to find terrific basics and quality fashions that will get you through any clothing crisis. Popular possibilities? Ikram and Gamma Player.

10 Northbrook Court
The North Shore's upscale, indoor shopping mall is home to high-end retailers like Neiman Marcus and Tiffany & Co. But it still has a lot of the national chains you'd find in most shopping malls. A few unique stores dot the mall, including Me-Ality, whose free body scanner helps customers find the perfect fitting jeans and dresses. ((847) 498-8161)

9 Von Z
Chicago designer Jenna Zielbauer opened the doors of Von Z, a women's apparel and accessories boutique, in Chicago's trendy Bucktown neighborhood. Billed as a contemporary women's boutique, it features Schutz shoes, accessories, Dana's Bakery Macarons, a self serve candy bar, personal shopping, one-on-one styling and private parties. It's also the first shop in the entire country that offers Sydney, Australia's oneoneseven line of women's clothing (known best for its prints, colors and patterns ~ see a theme here?). Although Bucktown does not have a shortage of great boutiques in the neighborhood, Von Z offers a fresh twist to the fashion scene with a fresh splash of color not always noticeable on Chicago streets. (872-206-5954)

8 Bella Gypsy
Bella Gypsy features its trademark style of fashionable and affordable women's apparel and accessories. Owner Courtney Kafkis takes great pride in offering a carefully curated selection for her customers that is meant to be noticed yet allows the woman wearing the pieces to be the one who stands out. ((847) 386-6887)

7 Ermenegildo Zegna
Fashion-conscious men frequent this shop for wonderful clothing. Zegna specializes in hand-tailored suits — double-breasted jackets, well-cut trousers, even shirts. Allow the professional staff to fit you in something from the Italian-influenced Napoli Couture line or the comfortable yet stylish Soft line. Discriminating shoppers take advantage of Zegna's sartorial service, which allows you to choose custom-fitted suits, shirts, slacks, knits, sweaters, and accessories. (312-587-9660)

6 Gucci
A minimalist, modern showcase for the designer's line of upscale men's and women's clothing and accessories, this shop has a full line — suits, pants, belts, shoes, bags, and watches. In 1921, Gucci started the line of clothing after returning to Florence following a long stay in London. The store boasts a sleek, polished, and contemporary look. (312-664-5504)

5 Salvatore Ferragamo
Salvatore Ferragamo has long been known for enviable Italian shoe designs, and this shop ably displays a range of famous boots, loafers, and wingtips. The store stays a step ahead of fashion trends, and if your budget allows, you'll certainly want to treat yourself to the latest styles. Clothing, handbags, and accessories are also sold. (312-397-0464)

4 Escada
One of the Windy City's hottest shopping spots for cutting-edge styles, Escada offers adaptable, high-fashion clothing that can easily suit a woman from afternoon to late evening. Patrons enjoy the fine quality and sleek look of the Escada line, and accessories include everything from bags and shoes to eyewear and diamonds. Rumor has it that clothing bearing the Escada name has been a favorite of celebrities like Faith Hill and Katja Flint. (312-915-0500)

3 Ikram
The upscale store, whose smartly-clad staff are right at home among the shop's hardwood floors and stylish fixtures, features a veritable who's-who of prestigious international designers. It also offers impossible-to-find vintage clothing and high-end accessories, along with Ikram Goldman's favorite lines by Angelo Figus, Gaspard Yurkievich, and other European sophisticates. EL: Red Line to Chicago Ave (312-587-1000)

2 Gamma Player
The Wicker Park and Bucktown neighborhoods are giving the Magnificent Mile a run for its money. Among the hip boutiques lining the streets is Gamma Player, opened by Jeff Mills and his wife, Yoko Uozumi. You'll find original fashions from all over Europe. Mills, a well-known DJ and producer, spins in clubs from Paris to Tokyo, so you know he has an eye for the hippest fashions. (773-235-0755)

1 Nau
For completely guilt-free shopping in sophisticated Lincoln Park, try Nau, a unique clothing store with an environmentally-friendly mission. The clothes, all designed to last at least ten years, are basic, neutral-toned, timeless, and crafted from sustainable materials. While the clothes sell themselves, 5% of sales benefit groups working for positive environmental, social, and humanitarian change. (773-281-1363)

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Neighborhood: Bucktown
Bella Gypsy 10Best List Arrow
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Neighborhood: Winnetka
Ermenegildo Zegna 10Best List Arrow
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Neighborhood: Magnificent Mile
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Neighborhood: Magnificent Mile
Escada 10Best List Arrow
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Neighborhood: Magnificent Mile
Ikram 10Best List Arrow
Type: Clothing Stores, Shoes and Accessories, Women's Clothing
Neighborhood: Magnificent Mile
Gamma Player 10Best List Arrow
Type: Clothing Stores, Young and Trendy Clothing
Neighborhood: Wicker Park
Nau 10Best List Arrow
Type: Clothing Stores, Men's Clothing, Specialty Shops, Women's Clothing
Neighborhood: LINCOLN PARK