Find the Best Things to Do in Wicker Park

About Wicker Park

Photo courtesy of David Hilowitz

Wicker Park is a jack-of-all-trades. Trendy hipsters and working artists occupy the residential majority. This group brought style and culture, transforming the area in recent years. Chic bars, vintage boutiques and recession-proof record store reflect a bohemian spirit. Performance art and theater draw an offbeat crowd that we no longer call "offbeat." The multifaceted neighborhood welcomes a diverse crowd, yet starving-artists look enviously at the upscale real estate prices. Bottom line: its one of the hippest destinations in town.

See & Do

We're not just talking about the house bands. Wicker Park is the happening spot for concerts and shows. Where musicians live and play. You'll most likely to find upcoming or experimental acts in many of these basement joints. Empty Bottle and Double Door are everything the small-venue, alternative rock fan could hope for. A larger crowd comes to Congress Theater to see some of the bigger names in the business.


Wicker Park has so much going on. With all the activity, it's only fair to include a selection of after hours cuisine. Artists are night owls anyways, right? Big Star's corner window serves tacos to go.Of course you have late night pizza joints at hand: Piece, Pizza Metro and Tocco, if you haven't spent everything in your pocket. Whether you consider midnight late, or not, Margie's Candies is ready for the unavoidable sweet tooth.


Welcome to the land of dive bars. The favorite local spot thats steps away from your apartment. Don't take the basement-bound stereotypes too seriously, Wicker Park dresses things up. What you can expect is a regular clientele shooting pool and chatting up bartenders. People know their drink before stepping through the door. The dive is the informal, corner bar where you can get to know locals.


The bed and breakfast lives on. Hotels in Wicker Park are smaller establishments that represent the small business. Going to the big city doesn't necessarily mean the skyscraper hotel. It's all about location. The Wicker Park Inn gets the highest reviews even from B&B novices. Just around the corner are the legendary boutiques and restaurants.


"The fashion triangle of Wicker Park." Check the map to see the main shopping streets intersect conveniently. Home to many of Chicago's most original boutiques. It's no surprise young designers are drawn to the enterprising area. Find the source of trends among independent clothing and accessory shops. On the other hand, the vintage/antique business is thriving. If you're looking to buy art, this is the place. An incredible variety of style is represented by the artists who have set up galleries.