Indy Greenways
More than 175 miles of trails and paths guide walkers, runners and bikers through the serene setting of this lovely park. On the grounds, visitors will find rivers, streams and a vintage canal towpath. This park offers numerous opportunities for locals and travelers in the city of Indianapolis to unwind and enjoy the beauty Mother Nature has provided. (317-327-7431)

White River State Park
Located downtown, this popular park bordering the White River was one of the first state parks in Indiana. The grounds are home to the Indianapolis Zoo, three museums, a memorial, amphitheater and an IMAX Theater. The city's minor league baseball team also plays here at the park's Baseball America venue. Open green spaces and waterfront property combined with outstanding views of the city skyline make this an ideal retreat. (317-233-2434, 800-665-9056)

Monon Trail
One of Indianapolis's favorite greenways, the Monon Trail occupies what was once part of the Monon Railroad. The transformation happened in 1996, and the trail now covers a span of more than ten miles (from 10th Street to 96th Street). It provides walkers, joggers and rollerbladers with a safe place for daily exercise, and as far as outside recreation is concerned, it's the place to see and be seen. At 96th Street, the trail connects to Monon Greenway, which extends another five miles north. (317-327-7431)

Eagle Creek Park
Take an afternoon off and enjoy the peaceful surroundings of this spacious, 4000-acre park. Trails wind through the beautifully manicured grounds and expose visitors to a variety of wildlife, a marina and lily pond, and water sports. Various programs are held throughout the year, including a conflict resolution seminar, music lessons, sailing lessons and canoe trips. During the winter, guests are invited to take part in the cross-country skiing opportunities. (317-327-7110)

Garfield Park Conservatory
This historical park offers a world of fun and entertainment for all to enjoy. Outside, visitors can view the sunken gardens, while inside the simulated habitats of the desert or the tropics house a variety of exotic birds and fish. With tennis courts, playground, fitness facilities, family center, pagoda and aquatic center, there is truly something here for everyone. Numerous programs and events are held here throughout the year, including Bonsai Club, Orchid Society, National Junior Tennis League, and The Garfield Gala. (317-327-7183, 317-327-7220)

Ellenberger Park
Ice-skating, swimming, tennis and playgrounds provide a fun day for the whole family to enjoy. Those looking for a retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the city will enjoy the shady wooded areas or the paths that wind through the grounds and past the babbling stream. A variety of entertaining programs are provided throughout the year, including swimming lessons, swim teams and inline ice hockey leagues for all of the little pros. (317-327-7176)

Central Canal Towpath
This pleasant greenspace features a five-mile towpath that runs alongside a picturesque canal. The park is a great place to enjoy the serene setting while strolling, jogging or biking. If you're up for a little adventure, bring your children and a few handsful of bread to throw to the gluttonous ducks and geese. The pathway runs from Broad Ripple to 30th Street. (317-710-0739)

Holcomb Gardens
These lovely gardens are located on the Butler University Campus. A sea of color unfolds as you stand at one end of the 20-acre lawn. The seasonal flowers include tulips, daffodils, lilacs and daylilies. A statue of Persephone, a flowing fountain, and a number of benches adorn the area. This is a great place to take a leisurely stroll and put all of the worries of the world behind you. (317-940-9351)

Fort Harrison State Park
A former military fort that also served as a prisoner of war camp, this park dates back to 1903. The park includes 1700 acres with beautiful hardwood forests, lakes, hiking and bicycle trails and picnic facilities. If you like to fish, bring your rod and spend some quiet time fishing in Fall Creek; the park provides two fishing access points. (317-591-0904)

Perry Park
This is a great spot to take the kids for some enjoyable family time. The park includes a number of entertaining options no matter what time of year, from an ice skating rink that's open in the winter to an outdoor swimming pool perfect for hot days. Picnic shelters and a roller blading track are also available. (317-888-0070, 317-865-1833)

Maps and Directions

Indy Greenways 10Best List Arrow
Type: Outdoor Activities, Parks
Neighborhood: Broad Ripple
White River State Park 10Best List Arrow
Type: Active, Art & Culture, Family Friendly, Parks, Public Spaces, Water
Neighborhood: Downtown
Monon Trail 10Best List Arrow
Type: Outdoor Activities, Parks
Eagle Creek Park 10Best List Arrow
Type: Outdoor Activities, Outdoor Activities - Summer, Outdoor Activities - Winter, Parks
Neighborhood: SPEEDWAY
Garfield Park Conservatory 10Best List Arrow
Type: Gardens, Outdoor Activities, Parks
Neighborhood: Downtown
Ellenberger Park 10Best List Arrow
Type: Outdoor Activities, Parks
Neighborhood: CHATHAM ARCH
Central Canal Towpath 10Best List Arrow
Type: Outdoor Activities, Parks
Holcomb Gardens 10Best List Arrow
Type: Gardens, Parks
Neighborhood: Broad Ripple
Fort Harrison State Park 10Best List Arrow
Type: Parks
Neighborhood: FISHERS
Perry Park 10Best List Arrow
Type: Outdoor Activities, Outdoor Activities - Summer, Outdoor Activities - Winter, Parks
Neighborhood: DOWNTOWN
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