Vinyl Music Lovers Will Adore Dublin's Elastic Witch

It may be an increasingly rare genre but for those who love it, this is your haven

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The shop floor — Photo courtesy of Elastic Witch

If you’re a vinyl obsessive, regular DJ or just a music enthusiast, you’ll enjoy popping into Dublin's Elastic Witch, the ground floor record shop in The Twisted Pepper. This music initiative has been open little over a year but has added to the eclectic tenants of the building, which include a barber and a coffee shop, and become a much-loved fixture of the Irish music scene.

The premise of the shop is to not only offer a place to buy the physical format of independent and underground music, but also to create a space for people to hang out in a creative hub. Much like the spaces used for record shops in other European countries, the aim has been to create an atmosphere that isn’t as geared towards the hard sell.

Some Elastic Witch wear — Photo courtesy of Elastic Witch

Independent Irish artists get great coverage at Elastic Witch, and you’ll often find bands playing launch gigs, documentaries being shown or art exhibitions. It was recently announced that the overseeing body in The Twisted Pepper, Bodytonic, would soon be running an Elastic Witch radio show to complete the package.

Overall, Elastic Witch is a lovely idea and a relaxed space that is perfect for those looking to get a taste of the Irish music scene, browse records, enjoy a coffee or simply spend an afternoon doing something different while supporting a very worthy and interesting cause.

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