A Full Irish Fry, Healthy Start or Sweet Tooth? Breakfast and Brunch Options For Every Palate

Emily Carson

By , Local Expert, Dublin
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For some people breakfast is a meal they'd rather skip, whereas for some it is the driving force of their day. Whether you like to start your day with a cooked breakfast, fresh fruit and granola or french toast with all the trimmings there is a plethora of great choices in terms of breakfast and brunch for all tastes. If you're looking for a picturesque, waterside venue then head down to Herb Street on the docklands or Lennox Café Bistro beside the canal. If you're looking for a hearty start to the day that includes a lot of meat then look no further than Whitefriar Grill or Coppinger Row. Both are located in the heart of the...  Read more »

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    Bibi's Café

    Local Expert Tip: "If you're dying to taste one of their fantastic sweet treats but don't want to commit then order a tea - you'll get a tiny morsel of their sweet offerings on the side, free."

  • 2

    The Lovely Food Company

    Local Expert Tip: "This is a great place to eat gluten free."

  • 3

    Lennox Café Bistro

    Local Expert Tip: "Lennox Street is steeped in history and was home to playwright and former Lord Mayor John Mc Cann as well as having a 19th Century Synagogue."

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    Herb Street

    Local Expert Tip: "Go for the Caribbean style French Toast to be transported across the Atlantic."

  • 5

    Whitefriar Grill

    Local Expert Tip: "It's worth going all in on this brunch and trying one of their Bloody Mary's or their special 'Camden Banger'"

  • 6

    Queen of Tarts

    Local Expert Tip: "Treat yourself to something sweet with/after your breakfast here because the cakes are unmissable!"

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    Avoca Café

    Local Expert Tip: "The portions here are big and filling so bear this in mind when ordering."

  • 8

    Elephant and Castle

    Local Expert Tip: "This is a good spot to take children."

  • 9

    Coppinger Row

    Local Expert Tip: "If the weather is nice try to get seated outside, it's the perfect spot for people watching as you enjoy your food"

  • 10

    No Name Bar

    Local Expert Tip: "There is no sign outside this bar so go take the stairs underneath the snail hanging on the wall."



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