Best Dublin Restaurants for Enjoying Haute Cuisine

Emily Carson

By , Local Expert, Dublin
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Dublin’s fine dining scene has been expanding rapidly over the past few years although the heavy-hitters that have dominated the culture are still stalwart favourites. New restaurants like San Lorenzo’s and The Greenhouse are muscling in on the famed Michelin-starred territory of Chapter One and Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud. Head to The Unicorn for old-school Italian finery whereas L’Ecrivain is a long-running Michelin starred French eatery with beautiful décor that caters for carnivores and vegetarians alike. If you’re looking for more than on place offering great vegetarian options then head to Kinara Kitchen in Ranelagh for...  Read more »

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    Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud

    The customer service at Patrick Guilbaud's is second to none and makes even dining with children a pleasure.

    Local Expert Tip: "Take a walk around Merrion Square to build up your appetite before sampling these delicacies."

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    San Lorenzo's

    The feel of this place has wide appeal - young and modern while still appealing to an older generation.

    Local Expert Tip: "San Lorenzo's also do a brunch menu if you want to sample some of the great cooking without paying evening prices."

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    Fire Restaurant

    Fire are good at arranging special extras accommodating dietary requirements so get in touch ahead of your booking.

    Local Expert Tip: "If you're planning to make Fire one of your dining experiences check to see which accommodation they have deals with, it could cheapen your hotel stay."

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    Kinara Kitchen

    There are plenty of vegetarian options here for the veggie diner in your life, something many restaurants don't offer.

    Local Expert Tip: "Get the early bird menu and then opt to spend some of your budget on the fantastic cocktails. The Pulp Fiction is a particular delight."

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    Chapter One

    In honour of The Gathering journalists are being wined and dined in Chapter One for the wow factor.

    Local Expert Tip: "Get seats at the Chef's table for the optimum dining experience."

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    Locks Brasserie

    Lock's are passionate about their producers and have a long list on their website detailing their dealings with Irish producers around the country.

    Local Expert Tip: "Locks is almost anti-Michelin in its ethos of casual, spur of the moment dining and it encourages spontaneous arrival."

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    The Unicorn

    For a high-end restaurant the atmosphere at the Unicorn is relaxed but electric and this gives it a unique feel.

    Local Expert Tip: "The early-bird menu here is great value if you're not looking to splash out."

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    The Pig's Ear

    There aren't that many places offering a special area for diners to have an intimate experience in Dublin at this level.

    Local Expert Tip: "If you have any food allergies or aversions letting the chef know 24 hours in advance can help him tailor it to your needs."

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    The Greenhouse

    The Greenhouse will challenge your taste buds and open you up to culinary treats you might never have dreamt of.

    Local Expert Tip: "Choose the tasting menu to get a real sense of what The Greenhouse has to offer."

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    It's rare to find a high-end restaurant in Dublin with a dedicated vegetarian menu and L'Ecrivain has put effort into theirs.

    Local Expert Tip: "L'Ecrivain is constantly in high demand so get your bookings in well in advance of your visit."


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