Best Florence Restaurants

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    10. La Mangiatoia

    If you are looking for some quality food near the Pitti Palace, look no farther than this little spot where you can duck inside and enjoy a glass of wine and some amazing panino. This is a wonderful place to relax...

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    9. Il Santo Bevitore

    Located near Santo Spirito, Il Santo Bevitore prides itself on being one of the best places to get a good meal and to also enjoy the price, as well. You'll find a whole bunch of menu items worth perusing, including...

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    8. Osteria Nuvoli

    This is one of Florence's most popular spots for a reason. Between the delicious meals and the welcoming atmosphere, it's the perfect place to bring a date and to enjoy a night just the two of you. It is on par in...

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    6. Osteria Santo Spirito

    Located in the quirky and busy piazza of the Santo Spirito church, Osteria Santo Spirito is always open for those who love a quality Tuscan meal for more than a fair price. When you are imagining yourself drinking a...

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    5. Osteria del Gatto e la Volpe

    Located in the fantastic Santa Croce region, you'll find a crowd here of some study abroad students, locals, and a few expats. The recipes are unique but also classic, and you're sure to find something that will whet...

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    4. Mastrociliegia

    Pizza is an art in Italy, and few locations do it as well as Mastrociliegia located not far from both Santa Croce and the Duomo. Serving up some family recipes that date back decades, make sure to grab a table out in...

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    3. Buca Mario

    On the nights you are considering a more personal night out with friends and family, you might want to call in a reservation at Buca Mario--one of Florence's top spots for date nights and typical cuisine with a bit...

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    2. La Pentola dell'Oro

    When you are looking for a truly unique Florentine experience, this is the place to go. Between the feel inspired by the middle ages and recipes dating back to that time period, you will feel transported back to a...

    Photo courtesy of Alex Schnee
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About Florence Restaurants

It's easy to get caught up in some of the tourist traps when you are looking for a place to eat--Florence boasts many of them, and they can be cleverly disguised. Visitors looking for an authentic meal might find that ducking into side streets and alleyways yield some of the best results. Wherever guests decide to sit and order a steaming plate of pasta, they might want to consider a house wine to accompany--they are often cheap but taste delicious. You won't find better paste in anywhere else in Italy than the Tuscan region, and Florence reigns supreme on the types available. The right restaurant can make the Italian experience all the more enjoyable, and in a culture where cuisine is top priority, visitors to Florence want to choose a place they will remember. Open that bottle of chianti and enjoy some of the best food in the world.

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