Women's Clothing

A lot goes into cultivating a professional and a well-coordinated image, and clothes are a major component. That's why you want to shop smart and shop for the best. Our editors understand the importance and have vetted tons of local businesses to bring you the best women's clothing shops in Florence. From suits to separates, casual wear to evening wear, 10Best points out the top entries in the field. Among them are places like Georgio Armani, which offers reasonably priced alternatives, and Loro Piana, which finds lots of appeal with 10Best readers.

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Trussardi offers the latest in cutting-edge high fashion. These designs come right off the catwalk, so confidence is a must, and a great figure is helpful. The store is located in one of the most upscale shops in Florence, and both men's and...  Read More

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Loro Piana

Clean, classic, and conservative best describe the clothes showcased here. The designs are simple and traditional, but the colors are bold and vivid. A recent collection featured pieces in orange, eggplant, and rich earth tones. Come here for...  Read More

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These are the most Italian of designs, with clean lines, classic pieces, and fine fabrics. An Italian without an Armani ensemble is like an American tourists without Reeboks and a fanny-pack – you just don't see it. The Florentine elite comes...  Read More

This is the ultimate Gucci shopping experience, with room after room of the famous, upscale Gucci merchandise. For the label-conscious lab or the designer dachshund, you can find Gucci collars and dog bones here. For the two-legged patron, you...  Read More

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Fresh and young without getting too funky or cutting-edge, the clothes from Genny have free-flowing designs for comfort and style. Both casual and evening wear are on display here, and the colors range from classic neutrals to pretty pastels....  Read More

Museo Salvatore Ferragamo
Photo courtesy of Ferragamo Shoes

Salvatore Ferragamo started his collection in 1927 and his collection spans from his return to Italy in 1927 to 1960 when he died. The museum highlights his technical and artistic skills. Such as his color selection and his creativity. His use...  Read More

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Gianni Versace

Versace is one of the most famous names in the world of fashion and with good reason. This store showcases true Italian style, with quality workmanship combined with modern, innovative flair. From lady-like beaded dresses to the most...  Read More

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H. Meuber

H. Meuber has been dressing Florence's elite with well-cut conservative suits since 1886. The classic colors and flattering cuts have earned a reputation for style and quality. The women's selection is mostly dressy, with dinner suits and...  Read More

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Everyone knows the name Hermes, thanks to years of classically elegant design. This Florentine store offers the finest selection of merchandise in one of the most tasteful, elegant shops in the world. Classic, chic styles created from fabrics...  Read More

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If you try on dresses in this store, you'll feel like an Oscar nominee traipsing down the red carpet. The most elegant soirées call for the most beautiful evening gowns, which are Dolce & Gabbana's specialty. Clean-lined cuts and flattering...  Read More