Daruma Sushi is Expanding in Rome

The sushi shop is trendissimo in Roman circles

By ; published Tuesday, January 31st, 2012
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Daruma Sushi is molto trendy in Rome
Photo Credit: tristankenney - flickr

When it comes to international food, Rome is still trailing behind its big and bold metropolitan sister-cities in Europe, like Milan, London and Paris. As with all things in Rome, the city needs a little extra time to make way for change. But, that’s not to say that finding ethnic food in the Ancient City is absolutely impossible. Over the last few years, sushi and Japanese food have been welcomed with open arms by Romans, making the cuisine trendissimo.

Indeed, little by little, sushi restaurants around Rome are sprouting up like mushrooms. A Roman favorite is Daruma Sushi, a chain of take-away sushi shops and dine-in restaurants. There are currently 4 dine-in/take-away sushi shops and 3 restaurants in the EUR, Piazza Bologna and Prati neighborhoods.

For those without a Daruma near you, you can comfortably order sushi from their website, which will be delivered straight to your door. The Daruma restaurant located at Piazza Bologna, in the Italian University district, is the first sushi restaurant to go kosher in Italy.

Meanwhile, the newest shop to join the family of Daruma restaurants opened in December. It's located right in the heart of Centro Storico at Piazza Parlamento, a prime spot for politics. Who knows? Maybe we’ll be seeing Mr. Berlusconi dining there someday.



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