The Colosseum Gets a Multi-Million Dollar Makeover

The restoration project sponsored by luxury brand Tod's slated to begin in December

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The Colosseum's Massive Makeover Sponsored by Tod's Begins This Winter — Photo courtesy of rmceoinMove over Milano. Mamma Roma is about to get a brand new makeover. The long awaited multi-million dollar restoration project for the Colosseum sponsored by luxury goods brand Tod's is finally slated to begin in December. The initial plans for the $31 million dollar restoration project were put on hold after consumer activists challenged the move in court claiming other potential sponsors and big brand names were purposely left out of the bidding for the deal.

The Colosseum's Multi-Million Dollar Restoration Project Slated for December — Photo courtesy of xiquinhosilvaThis past July, a regional court threw out the case even those consumer rights groups claim they plan to appeal. Despite the appeal, Italian cultural heritage authorities say that plans for the makeover will push forward in December. The restoration will take place in two stages. The first stage will include the actual cleaning and restoring of the monumental arena's facade. Other stages of the project include the creation of the service center for the Colosseum and restoration of several galleries and underground spaces inside the monument.

Tod's chairman, Diego della Valle, who is footing the bill for the massive monument's revitalization is hoping other big businessmen and entrepreneurs will also dig deep into their pockets and sponsor the restoration projects similar to the Colosseum's.

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