Pizza, Pasta and Panoramas: The Best Restaurants in Rome

Maria Pasquale

By , Local Expert, Rome
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When it comes to eating out in Rome, if you're not in the know, restaurants can be a little hit or miss. Restaurants in the Eternal City come a dime a dozen and so do tourist traps unfortunately. That's why it helps having an inside source like 10Best to guide your palate in the right direction. If traditional Roman fare is what you're looking for, you can't go wrong with little hole-in-the-wall restaurants like Da Enzo or mouth-watering paper thin Roman-style pizza at Remo in Testaccio. And head to Open Baladin where all the locals are on the hunt for great burgers and craft beer - the latest foodie phenomena to hit Rome.

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  • 1

    Da Enzo

    Wholesome and authentic roman fare, Da Enzo is family run and simply delicious.

    Local Expert Tip: "Order the creamy burrata cheese and stuffed fried zucchini to start, whatever you want in between and the marscapone mousse with wild strawberries to finish."

  • 2

    Checchino dal 1887

    Checchino is a Rome dining institution, renowned in particular for its real 'quinto quarto' (offal) roman fare.

    Local Expert Tip: "Ask your waiter for the specials of the day as the menu is always based on locally sourced and in-season produce."

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    Da Remo

    Romans and foodies alike claim the pizza at Da Remo is some of the best in Rome.

    Local Expert Tip: "Keep it simple. The pizza margherita here is epic."

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    Hosteria da Giggetto

    Da Giggetto is always a sure bet for authentic Jewish style Roman fare.

    Local Expert Tip: "Because the restaurant is kosher, some combinations of traditional meat pizza toppings may not be available - try a vegetarian "white" pizza topped with zucchini flower blossoms and zucchini instead."

  • 5

    Open Baladin

    Craft beer and delicious burgers are the specialty at Open Baladin and it never disappoints.

    Local Expert Tip: "Don't miss out on their homemade potato chips. Their flavors include: paprika, garlic and pecorino cheese, and even liquorice."

  • 6

    Taverna dei Fori Imperiali

    In the shadow of the Colosseum it's not easy to find quality and authentic food, but Taverna dei Fori Imperiali keeps delivering.

    Local Expert Tip: "Don't leave without checking out all the pictures of famous diners on the wall. You'll be sure to recognize quite a few!"

  • 7

    Hostaria Dino e Toni

    Located centrally right by the Vatican, Dino and Toni just keep up serving the classics and family favorites all at a reasonable price.

    Local Expert Tip: "Outdoor seating is the best, especially in the summer. The restaurant lacks good air conditioning and dining al fresco with the exception of the winter months is always preferrable."

  • 8

    Agata e Romeo

    Agata and Romeo deliver meals and hospitality of what you'd expect from a loving Italian family.

    Local Expert Tip: "Leave room for dessert. Agata makes them all fresh daily!"

  • 9

    Grappolo D'Oro Zampanò

    • Cuisine: European, Italian
    • Average Main Course Price: €16
    • Neighborhood: Airport - Fco

    For location and delicious honest food, you can't go past Grappolo D'Oro Zampano.

    Local Expert Tip: "For side dishes, make sure to order the ciccoria ripassata (chicory with garlic and chili peppers) or the carciofo alla romana (artichoke Roman style) to make your dinner complete!"

  • 10

    La Pergola

    With its 3 michelin stars, La Pergola is ranked one of the top 50 restaurants in the world.

    Local Expert Tip: "Reservations and jackets for men are required."



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