Where to Eat in Rome after Dark

Rome may not be a 24 hour city like it's other international big city counterparts of New York, London or Hong Kong, but it's guaranteed you'll never go hungry in the eternal city. Late night dining is kind of just dining in Rome or Italy. Italians are renowned for not having dinner before 8pm with this stretching to 9-10pm in the summer or even later. So for a foreigner, what may seem like late-night dining in Rome may just be the norm. 

So if you're worried about arriving to the city after a late flight, or have a show or sports match to go to and wondering if anything will be open afterwards to grab a bite - don't. 

We've rounded up some of the best places in Rome for a late meal or a late snack. From Pannatoni, the famed Trastevere pizzeria that is still seating people for a pizza at midnight on a week night, to the Rome after dark instititutions that are Dar Sorchettaro and Il Maritozzaro who serve up sweets until the wee hours of the night to nightclub goers on their way home, or a delicious kebab house in the cool student quarter of San Lorenzo, you're covered across the city for a late night meal. Buon appetito! 

The motto at Frizzo is, 'Where do you want to go today?'. With an international, but predominantly American style menu, they aim to transport you gastronomically. Super cool for an aperitivo, it is open all day and you order on an ipad! It's one...  Read More

La Dogana is an Asian-inspired food hall in a restored old warehouse in the working class neighbourhood of Ostiense. Think over 1600 square meters of food space! It features changing all you can eat buffet daily of Mongolian, Japanese, Chinese...  Read More

Trapizzino is the home to the 'trapizzino'. Created by award winning Roman pizzamaker Stefano Calegari it is a cross between a sandwich and a pizza - a pizza pocket if you like. Located also in Testaccio, the Ponte Milvio branch is the latest...  Read More

Bar Pompi
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For more than 50 years, Bar Pompi gelateria and pasticceria has been a traditional Roman staple when it comes to tiramisu. Albeit, you can probably find good tiramisu around town, but nothing come close to Bar Pompi. This bar is considered the...  Read More

Located at the Testaccio Market, La Moderna is as renowned for its fancy and tasty cocktails as it is for its food. One of their specialties include the Italian classic of spaghetti with aglio, olio e peperoncino (garlic, olive oil and chilli)...  Read More

A local institution, Il Maritozzaro is a bakery that is open literally all night serving the classic Roman sweet, the maritozzo (a sweet cream-filled pastry bun). A maritozzo is essentially a sweet pastry bun that has been cut open and filled to...  Read More

San Giovanni/Termini/Colle Oppio

La Base is known by Romans as the place where you can dine until about 5 in the morning. It's a restaurant, pub and pizzeria all in one and located right by the Colloseum on Via Cavour. Being one of the few late night restaurants in the area,...  Read More

San Giovanni/Termini/Colle Oppio

The Kebab House is located in the heart of San Lorenzo, Rome's lively student quarter right by Termini station. This isn't just any old kebab shop. All the products are made fresh on site and there might even be a wait for your kebab with each...  Read More

This popular pizzeria located in the heart of Trastevere is one of the best when it comes to serving up that perfect Roman pizza: light, thin and crispy crust. It's extremely sought after not only by tourists but by locals themselves. For years,...  Read More

San Giovanni/Termini/Colle Oppio

Dar Sorchettaro is one of those city haunts that all Romans know about. It's a bakery located not far from Termini station and generally opens from about 11pm in the evenings and stays open all night. It's been around forever and a day and they...  Read More


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