Rome is home to some of Italy's best pizza

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Whoever said the best pizza can only be found in Naples, was certainly mistaken. Contrary to common belief, some of Italy's most delicious pizza can be found in Rome. Roman pizza is the paper thin and crispy crust variety and while it is the norm here, you can also find the classic Neapolitan style if that's what you like. You're really in for a treat with many of Rome's pizzaioli (pizza-makers) consistently striving for excellence and innovation.

If it's a sit down pizzeria meal you're having, do as the Romans and start off by ordering fritti. These are fried treats and generally include suppli (rice ball), potato...  Read more »

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    Panattoni (known to Romans as Ai Marmi) is one of the liveliest pizzeria in all of Rome and the pizza is amazing.

    Local Expert Tip: "While you wait for your pizza, make sure to order their famous fiori di zucca (anchovy and mozzarella stuffed zucchini flowers) and olive ascolane (fried olives stuffed with meat)."

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    While the pizza al taglio here is divine, 00100 excels at other roman fried classics like suppli and it's the home of the trapizzino.

    Local Expert Tip: "Arrive at opening time and you'll skip the queues and get the freshest batch of the day. And try the suppli Genovese!"

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    Pizzarium is one of the best pizza al taglio shops in the city.

    Local Expert Tip: "Sold by weight, the prices can mount up if you're not careful. Tell the server your budget and they'll work with you. "

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    Da Remo

    Testaccio is the beating food heart of Rome and with it's quality Roman style pizza, Da Remo remains an institution.

    Local Expert Tip: "Keep it simple. The pizza margherita here is epic."

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    Pizzeria "Il Pinsere"

    • Cuisine: European, Italian, Pizza
    • Average Main Course Price: €6
    • Neighborhood: San Giovanni/Termini/Colle Oppio

    Il Pinsere is a fantastic lunch option for that extra special pizza when you're on the run.

    Local Expert Tip: "If you can, get there by 12 midday before the lunchtime rush, which is madness."

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    Il Cuore di Napoli

    • Average Main Course Price: €15
    • Neighborhood: San Giovanni/Termini/Colle Oppio

    If you're not visiting Naples, the pizza at Il Cuore di Napoli is the next best thing.

    Local Expert Tip: "If the Torta Caprese is available, order it. This delicious chocolate and almond cake originating from the Isle of Capri is to die for."

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    La Gatta Mangiona

    Away from all the tourists, you'll feel like a local eating your pizza at La Gatta Mangiona.

    Local Expert Tip: "If you decide you're ordering to share, let your wait staff know. They always kindly cut and portion your pizza accordingly."

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    La Pratolina

    La Pratolina is a delicious option but with a different take on the Roman classic.

    Local Expert Tip: "Don't leave without having tried the fritti. Their fried treats like potato croquettes and suppli are some of the best in Rome."

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    La Montecarlo

    La Montecarlo is the perfect option for pizza and pasta lovers.

    Local Expert Tip: "If you don't feel like ordering pizza, Montecarlo also makes a mean bucatini all'amatriciana pasta."

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    I Supplì

    I Suppli always has a line out the door which means one thing - the food is fantastic.

    Local Expert Tip: "While the pizza is amazing, if you're in Rome on a Thursday head here for gnocchi. Served with classic tomato sauce, you better get in early for lunch so you don't miss out!"



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