New Orleans Restaurants Offering Gluten-Free Menus and Recommendations

Kristopher Neild

By , Local Expert, New Orleans
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New Orleans food culture is one that embraces gluten, from the po-boys to the muffalettas to the etouffee. Being cognizant of their prowess as a tourist destination, the restaurant industry has amped up their efforts to cater to the gluten-free crowd while not having to completely overhaul their style.

In the following list, a good amount of the places actually offer separate gluten-free menus. These menus still offer appetizers, entrees, desserts, etc that you would expect from a New Orleans eatery, just without the gluten.

Other places offer recommendation menus. These menus will guide you through how to order off the...  Read more »

  • 1

    GW Fins

    GW Fins will provide a gluten-free menu upon request, and can also make most items on their regular menu gluten-free outside of etouffee.

    Local Expert Tip: "GW Fins provides free 3-hour parking for its guests, so don't worry about coming super early to find a spot."

  • 2


    Mother's has a special gluten-free menu, and can do some po-boys gluten-free as well.

    Local Expert Tip: "If you are asked whether you want "debris" on your po-boy and aren't sure what they are, just say yes."

  • 3

    Muriel's Jackson Square

    Muriel's gluten-free menu is available for viewing on their website.

    Local Expert Tip: "Muriel's is where to go when you are in the Jackson Square area, and want to avoid chain restaurants."

  • 4

    Juan's Flying Burrito

    Inform your server at Juan's Flying Burrito of your gluten situation, and they will use corn tortillas as a substitute.

    Local Expert Tip: "You need to take advantage of Juan's full Sunday happy hour"

  • 5

    Artz Bagelz

    Artz has gluten-free bagels, which can be used as the outer layers to any of their sandwiches...just ask for them.

    Local Expert Tip: "The coffee at Artz is comparable to French Truck Coffee, which New Orleans locals know is top notch. "

  • 6

    Oceana Grill

    The Oceana Grill has a special menu for their gluten-free guests. Selections include rib eye steak and grilled redfish.

    Local Expert Tip: "Fried seafood from Oceana Grill is the perfect meal to have delivered to your hotel room after a night of partying"

  • 7

    Deanies Seafood

    Deanie's menu has many gluten-free options including a variety of tasty salads as well as raw and boiled seafood.

    Local Expert Tip: "Don't try to take down a seafood platter yourself, you will turn into a crustacean. Bring a friend or four."

  • 8

    Casamento's Restaurant

    It may sound crazy, but Casamento's fried seafood is gluten-free!

    Local Expert Tip: "Casamento's is closed during the summer months (middle of May to mid September) so plan accordingly. Rumor has it that oysters are their tastiest when harvested during months ending in "r"."

  • 9


    Mostly everything on the menu at Ninja is gluten-free, but the waitstaff is very knowledgeable about their offerings and can guide you through them.

    Local Expert Tip: "Try their specialty rolls for a serious kick in the mouth"

  • 10

    Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant

    Gordon Biersch provides a gluten-free recommendation menu, guiding you through your order to help maintain your gluten independence.

    Local Expert Tip: "The outdoor area is a great spot to bring a group before a Saints game"



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