Voodoo Shops

Marie Laveau House of Voodoo
Vacationers looking for centrally located voodoo shops in New Orleans are sure to be impressed by all that Marie Laveau's has to offer. Stocked with a great blend of authentic historical items, as well as an array of souvenirs, the shop ensures visitors an easy time finding something just right. Those interested in learning more about voodoo can also take a tour of the small on-site museum, located at the back of the store. (504-581-3751)

Jamie Hayes Gallery

Voodoo Spiritual Temple
If you're searching for truly authentic voodoo shops in New Orleans, pay a visit to the Voodoo Spiritual Temple, which was established by Priestess Miriam Chamani in 1990. In addition to perusing the cultural gifts center for one-of-a-kind items, from hand crafted soaps and incense to literature, visitors regularly have an opportunity to hear a short message from Priestess Miriam herself and take a tour of the temple grounds. (504-522-9627)

Island of Salvation Botanica
New Orleans' voodoo is one of the oldest and most distinct centerpieces of its culture, and the Island of Salvation Botanica offers a unique window into the history and ideology behind the practice. The proprietor of this vibrant establishment, Manbo Sallie Ann Glassman, is an initiated priestess of the Haitian Vodou order. A wide variety of voodoo novelties are available here, many of which have been hand crafted by Glassman herself. (504-948-9961)

Voodoo Authentica Inc
Voodoo Authentica is ran by practitioners, aka people who practice the art of Voodoo. Located in the heart of the French Quarter, Voodoo Authentica sells voodoo dolls, potion oils and gris gris bags (a type of voodoo amulet). Since they are skilled in the practice, they also offer rituals, readings and consultations. Whether or not you believe in this ancient sorcery, the entertainment value of one of these readings is unquestionable. The shop itself is like a temple, always smelling of incense and having you leery of turning the next corner. ((504) 522-2111)

Erzulies Authentic Voodoo
Walking into Erzulie's on Royal Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans will freak some people out, and mystify others. Erzulie's has live working voodoo altars set up throughout the shop. The voodoo practitioners on hand are always ready to offer you their spiritual assistance on any number of problems. Whether you are down on your luck romantically or financially, someone here can jab a few pins in a doll and remove the evil hex that previously existed on your mortal being. They sell dolls, potions, soaps and spells and do readings and consultations as well. All of their products are handcrafted, including their revolutionary voodoo app which is now available for iPhone and Android products. ((504) 525-2055)

The House of Voodoo
Voodoo practitioner Bianca runs this voodoo shop on Decatur in the French Quarter of New Orleans. You could make the case that this shop is a little lighter on the sorcery aspect and heavier on touristy trinkets and Mardi Gras souvenirs. Having said that, they still sell voodoo books, amulets and of course dolls, which are of a very high quality here. They will do custom dolls for you too, which can make excellent gifts. ((504) 592-3462)

Reverend Zombie's House Of Voodoo
Rev. Zombie's Voodoo shop is in the French Quarter of New Orleans. It can be thought of as a mirror destination of Marie Laveaux's but with a twist (they have the same ownership). They store walks a fine line between authentic voodoo shop (with dolls, masks, lucky charms, etc.) and tourist novelty store. People from both demographics can find what they are looking for while being enchanted by the shops spiritual charm and aura. ((504) 486-6366)

Maps and Directions

Marie Laveau House of Voodoo 10Best List Arrow
Type: Voodoo
Neighborhood: French Quarter
Jamie Hayes Gallery 10Best List Arrow
Type: Art Galleries
Neighborhood: French Quarter
Voodoo Spiritual Temple 10Best List Arrow
Type: Voodoo
Neighborhood: French Quarter
Island of Salvation Botanica 10Best List Arrow
Type: Voodoo
Neighborhood: French Quarter
Voodoo Authentica Inc 10Best List Arrow
Type: Specialty Shops, Voodoo
Neighborhood: French Quarter
Erzulies Authentic Voodoo 10Best List Arrow
Type: Voodoo
Neighborhood: French Quarter
The House of Voodoo 10Best List Arrow
Type: Voodoo
Neighborhood: French Quarter
Reverend Zombie's House Of Voodoo 10Best List Arrow
Type: Voodoo
Neighborhood: French Quarter
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