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Portland is a city that holds true to its illustrious transoceanic shipping trade past. Walk its streets and you can almost picture dock workers busily unloading the latest Oriental treasures from fast moving Clipper ships. As a result, the city was influenced by styles and customs far beyond its wharves. With the influx of immigrant labor – first, the French Canadians and, later, Eastern Europeans and those from Hispanic societies – this cultural diversity became even more pronounced. Today, the city’s shopping options accurately reflect this global flavor in establishments selling everything from furniture to food. Stroll into antique stores and you’re likely to be dazzled by Federal era furniture. Artisans proudly display their hand-made wares that include everything from pottery to clothing. The city features a strong offering of craftspeople who specialize in one-of-a-kind jewelry fashioned by their own hands. These artists often incorporate natural materials, such as sea glass or shells, into their decorative pieces. Specialty food shops feature imaginative condiments, sweets and beverages influenced by cultures from throughout the world. Portland also does well by second-hand clothing stores where you’re likely to find that retro jacket or dress that will be a real standout in your wardrobe at an equally attractive price. Discount shops such as Reny’s, a Maine retail tradition, offer surprises ranging from the kitschy to the cool. Bargain hunters will undoubtedly find Portland to their liking with deals seeming to lurk around every corner. The following are 10 of the best shops to be found in Portland:

- Portland Expert Mark Pechenik