Do you love Chinese food? We do too, and that's why we dedicate ourselves to finding the best places to enjoy Chinese cuisine in Kuala Lumpur. We've diligently scouted out the top eateries, and we've listened to our readers and their reviews of Kuala Lumpur restaurants. We share the places that get great buzz, like Li Yen, and we showcase the ones that have proven themselves over time, like Golden Phoenix. We also point out good neighborhoods for Chinese restaurants in Kuala Lumpur - Golden Triangle, for instance. When the craving hits, we'll make sure you get your fix!

8 Old China Café
This is a great place for Chinese/Nyonya food. The decor is inviting, making you feel like you're walking into an antique store and testing out the furniture. Nyonya cuisine dates to the 15th century and is a mixture of Malay, Chinese, English, Dutch, and Portuguese tastes and techniques. Entrees are flavored with spices like lemon grass, turmeric, and galangal. Try the fresh laksa soup or kway teow noodles in spicy coconut gravy. Last order is at 10pm. Visa and mastercard accepted if the bill is over 50 Malaysia Ringgit. (03-2072-5915)

7 West Lake Garden
A warm, rose-toned decor sets the mood at the West Lake Garden, which offers a delightful dining escape complemented by great service and the light sounds of guzheng music. Give the pan-grilled cod fish or the Peking duck a shot. (03-7492-8000)

6 The Museum
Museum indeed: here, you dine surrounded by sculptures, paintings, and historic artifacts. The Museum has basic, down-home Chinese dishes but specializes in Hunanese and Cantonese cuisines. House specialties include stuffed bamboo piths with asparagus and baked spare ribs with champagne. (03-4042-9888)

5 Shanghai Restaurant
Steamed dumplings and crab meat soup with wild west vegetables are two of the wonderful offerings at Shanghai Restaurant. It offers a good variety of well-prepared Chinese cuisine. (03-2719-8288)

4 Li Yen
An elite epicurean experience! Dining delicacies range from steamed crab claw and braised fresh whole abalone to the double-boiled hasma with red dates. Dim Sum is available at lunchtime. The excellent ambience has the feel of a private club, with live music generally offered. It's great for that high-powered dinner. (03-2782-9033)

3 Shang Palace
Here, Hong Kong chefs create the Cantonese cuisine fit for royalty such as the revered suckling pig. Porridge, steamed buns, and dumplings are plentiful, and all are flavorful and filling. (03-2074-3904)

2 Golden Phoenix
Shark, duck and venison — they're part of an array of culinary creations at the Golden Phoenix. Located in the Hotel Equatorial, it specializes in exotic seafood. Try the fried United States's lobster with spring onion and ginger or the shark fin baked in a clay pot. A savory, tasteful experience. (03-2161-7777)

1 Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant
It's a huge banquet hall of a restaurant in the swanky Bangsar One dining complex in Bangsar Baru village. Seafood is the mainstay here - take your pick of live seabass, tilapia, prawns, crabs and clams from the bubbling glass fishtanks and have them prepared in the cooking style of your choice. Chinese creations dominate, but chefs can also cook fish in Western, Japanese and other Asian styles. (03-2282-2555)

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Maps and Directions

Old China Café 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: Asian, Chinese
Neighborhood: CHINATOWN
COST: $$$
West Lake Garden 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: Asian, Cantonese, Chinese
Neighborhood: PETALING JAYA
COST: $$$$
The Museum 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: Asian, Cantonese, Chinese
Neighborhood: PUTRA
COST: $$$$
Shanghai Restaurant 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: Asian, Chinese
Neighborhood: Golden Triangle
COST: $$$$
Li Yen 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: Asian, Cantonese, Chinese
Neighborhood: Tun Razak
COST: $$$$
Shang Palace 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: Asian, Cantonese, Chinese
Neighborhood: KLCC AREA
COST: $$$$
Golden Phoenix 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: Asian, Cantonese, Chinese, Sichuanese
Neighborhood: KLCC AREA
COST: $$$$
Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: Asian, Chinese, Seafood
Dining Options: Family Friendly, Group Friendly
Neighborhood: Bangsar Baru
COST: $$$$
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